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Maga Maharaju (Aambala)

Maga Maharaju (Aambala)

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Directed by : Sundar C

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Maga Maharaju (Aambala) is a drama movie directed by Sundar C and stars Vishal in the lead role


“Aambala is an 80's themed action potboiler, nearly rescued by Santhanam but doesn't offer anything new.”

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Typical logic-less masala entertainer..!!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Aambala, directed by Sundar.C and produced by Vishal under VFF banner starring Vishal, Hansika, Vaibhav Reddy, Santhanam, Prabhu, Sathish, Ramya Krishnan & many more.

Aambala's story line is well known for each and every commercial cinema viewers from all age. Hero's mother tells him to find his father who they left long back. When hero finds his father, his father wants to reunite with his family along with his sisters and their daughters. Villain comes in between this family drama and falls off along with hundreds of gundas and cars. In the climax, hero wins the villain and also fulfils his parents dream. Well, well, same old routine and typical commercial cinema story line which was followed from 70's era.

Vishal fits into this commercial hero role but falls to express. Hansika is cute and gorgeous as usual. Sundar.C doesn't find difficult in handling a huge group of actors and proves himself again in this movie too. Every actor did their role well and suits them too, but well known story line and too predictable, logic-less screenplay makes viewers dull and gives a pretty much head ache in the end.

Director doesn't take any effort or risk in the story line but he didn't have anything new with his screenplay too. Sundar.C and Vishal were back on track after lots and lots of commercial craps but now they have fallen back in the trap again. Debutant music director Hiphop Tamizha did good job in songs and have done decent work with his BGM. Overall, Aambala is logic-less masala time passer..!!

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