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Directed by : Sai Karthik

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Adda is an action movie directed by Sai Karthik and stars Sushanth in the lead role


“Extended narration and a bad screenplay make this predictable rom-com a boring film. Skip it. ”

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Jodi-Breaker turned Jodi-Maker!!

Rated 3.0 / 5
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The new generation Akkineni hero Sushanth strikes this Independence Day with his latest outing Adda. After a long hiatus and after so many months into making, this film finally hit the screens. Does this film take Sushanth up the ladder or not? Read on to know more.

The story is about Abhi (Sushanth) who is an agent for registering / making marriages at the Registrar of marriages. The location of his adda looks so cinematic and artificial that you can't take any more. Apart from this he charges a premium for the other services offered - breaking the relationships. He does this for an 'extra buck' and is shown in an extremely funny way. Priya (Shanvi) approaches Abhi for an assignment of breaking the relationship of her elder sister. Deva (Devi Gill) is the relative of Priya and works with her father Patel (Nagineedu), a local don. The rest of the story revolves around these three characters and Abhi realizing his love for Priya and the latter reciprocating the same.

Sushanth pushes his envelope with regard to his acting and dancing skills. The comic flavor he brought into his character and dialogues is to die for. When compared to his previous films this is his more refined avatar. He shined as a nonchalant and persistent lover and pulled off every act with poise.

Shanvi, the new heroine on the block, got a decent and lengthy role. She managed to break the conventional clutter of sharing the screen for couple of scenes and songs. She is child-like, bubbly and gorgeous - all rolled into one. The way she renders her lines is also a treat to watch.

Dev Gill was perfect in the role offered. You can see more of him in the latter half when the comedy embroils with Raghu Babu at the helm of affairs. Dev with his menacing looks and occasional laughs adds another feather to the colorful film's cap. This time he's resorted to the path of less violence.

Forget about acting, Kota Srinivasa Rao gets only one scene to say something. And Nagineedu is grossly wasted. He is shown as a powerful don but nothing comes out of the character. A bad move from the director wasted two senior actors.

It's the comedians' day out. Dhanraj, Raghu Babu, Venu, Thagubothu Ramesh, Ravi and hero Sushanth left no stone unturned to evoke chuckles out of the audience. If the script had some more scope for comedy then their laughter might have known no bounds.

Director G Karthik Reddy must have taken more care of his debut film. He dabbled with story, screenplay, dialogues and direction and did only part justice to the respective departments. He managed to give decent and different characterizations to the hero and the heroine, but left others in the lurch. The protagonist's role is glorified and the antagonist's role is underutilized and subsided. Thus he caused a disparity between the two. Everyone loves their heroes but other characters should also be pruned to perfection. The movie also gets stretched like a chewing gum towards the end.

On the flip side, the director must be applauded for his effort to bring many good things on board. The best part of the film is the dialogue. The songs and most of the film looked so colorful. He's loaded the screen with so many hues and made it visually appealing. Thanks to cinematographer Arun Kumar who has complemented the director's work meticulously. So, one can't simply write him off and his debut attempt.

Anoop Rubens is a winner. The key element that puts Adda on top is his music. The BGMs are apt and near perfect. The title track Yehi hai mera adda is irresistible and foot-tapping. The romkantic number Ninne Ninne will definitely win your hearts. And the way he remixed the item number Hay Oolala with Kanne Pittaro from Hello Brother is noteworthy.

Although Adda comes with a routine story-line and screenplay, it creates different characters for the lead pair. At times it slips into cliches, but on the whole it's comical and entertaining. It's packed with so many goodies - songs, fights, gags, romance, emotion etc. Watch it for lover boy Sushanth and the comedy. Yeh banega tumhaara Adda.

My Rating: Expectation - 5/10; Reality - 6/10

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