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Directed by : V V Vinayak

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“A bad debut film for Akhil.”

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Maximum stupidity per square inch!

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Akhil is the debut vehicle of Akhil, Nagarjuna and Amala's son, who based on the number of screens he got, is already on his way to superstardom. With those kind of resources at his disposal, why he agreed to pick a scriptless movie is a mystery. The movie starts with him falling in love at first sight with a girl (Sayyesha) who is so dumb she believes that Akhil is a veterinary doctor, even as he tells her how to operate on a diseased rabbit by relaying instructions through a headset from a doctor who he had successfully blackmailed. Rajendra Prasad wasted in that role suddenly finds himself almost like a foster father to Akhil who has now decided to chase his girl all the way to Spain by getting the money through losing a fight. Meanwhile, an interesting talisman, a locket with sun's face on it is finding its way from the forest to the city and finally ties itself to Akhil's neck. The girl's father (Mahesh Manjrekar) is desperately lookingn for that locket. Amidst a series of brainfades the movie is laughable with three songs in the first half, all bad and all put for one single purpose - to impose that Akhil can dance well. But, why do you need to go to the hall to watch Akhil dance? Isn't it expected out of Nagarjuna's son? In fact, Akhil acts and talks like his dad - the shades are there for everyone to see. His styling and grooming are impressive but he could've been so much better in a nice cozy rom com that could've been ideal for Diwali. Instead we have this half-baked, silly movie where he looks too young and too weak to deal with the antagonists, all thanks to his false love for a girl who surprises you with her dumbness!

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