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Alias Janaki

Alias Janaki

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Directed by : K Daaya

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Venkat Rahul

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Alias Agony!!

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Alias Janaki raked in a humongous buzz from its audio, trailers, very well crafted posters, and many interviews of the makers where they narrated their story of battling against all the odds to make this project happen. The expectations soared and what supposedly touted as an action entertainer turned into an insipid presentation of a run-on-the-mill ensemble.

Janaki Ram (Rahul Venkat, who has some roots in the Mega family) is a Government employee. A chance happening brings him close to Chaitra (Anisha Ambrose) and he falls head over heels for her. On the flip side, there's an antagonist Maisa (Sathru), a kabza king eyeing to encroach a locality. Janaki Ram is at loggerheads with Maisa but realizes the entire eco-system around him is corrupt, and they are trying to bring him down. How Ram with his indefatigable spirit sets to save the area from the clutches of Maisa forms the rest of the story.

Rahul Venkat is miles away from putting a hero label. He doesn't have the looks and expressions needed for such a role. Some of his dialogues were crackling but were sporadic. The newcomer Anisha Ambrose looked pretty but didn't get a meaty role apart from adding eye candy to the songs. Their love story is forcibly injected in the narrative and looked very artificial. Naga Babu as the hero's father is grossly wasted in a tiny role. Sri Ramya (of 1940 Oka Gramam) looked much better than others. Tanikella Bharani as a corrupt official did justice to the role. Rest of the characters went unnoticed.

The film starts with a promise and the hero is shown with lot of conviction. But in the due course, the plot goes haywire brining in unwarranted moments and characters. Post interval, the writers might have been perplexed as how to bring the movie to the climax. They added more and more dough to the half-baked screenplay, and the story remained unleavened. The run time is just 105 minutes but sucks the patience of a lifetime from the audience. This can be treated as director Daya's effort to achieve a perfect derail from the story-line.

The music of the film composed by Shravan is pleasant but was not used to its optimum. The songs Kadal Prema, Koncham Koncham, Maarinade are relaxing. The camera work of Sujith is top-notch but Sreejith failed to complement it with his slick editing. Daya also composed the fights and dances which are equally bad. Some dialogues written by him stand out but he couldn't provide an emotional reason for many scenes.

Alias Janaki falls prey to its poor screenplay. The movie climbs a few notches in improper handling of the cinematic landscape. Needless to say, it's another bite-the-dust film from the stable of Sangamitra Arts / Neelima Tirumalasetty after the disastrous Panjaa. It gets a rating of 1.5/5 for its music; some awe-inspiring lines and visually appealing songs. It's a short and sick film. Skip it.

My Rating: Expectation - 6/10; Reality - 3/10

Alias JanakiAlias Janaki - Still - Venkat Rahul and Anisha Ambrose in a still  2Alias Janaki - Still - Venkat Rahul and Anisha Ambrose in a still  1Alias Janaki - Still - Venkat Rahul and Anisha Ambrose in a still Alias Janaki - Still - Venkat Rahul and Nagendra Babu in a still