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Alludu Seenu

Alludu Seenu

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Directed by : V V Vinayak

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When petty thieves Alludu Seenu (Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas) and his uncle Narasimha (Prakash Raj)  bump upon dreaded don Bhai (Prakash Raj), Seenu  decides to make huge bucks using Bhai's name. He meets Anjali(Samantha) Bhai's daughter,with whom he falls in love, and finds a shocking truth about her.


“Alludu Seenu is a predictable film but works as a perfect launch pad for Bellamkonda Sreenivas, who impresses with his dance and fight skills. Go for it if you enjoy masala entertainment!”

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Samantha Akkineni

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Alludu Seenu Review - Ilanti alludu naku voddu!

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Unnecessary fights - check. Unnecessary songs - check. Item song - check. Brahmanandam - check. Prakash Raj & Tanikella Bharani - check. The new class of mass entertainers in Tollywood follow a distinct pattern. Whether it is a seasoned hero or a newbie as in this case, the formula is followed with utmost dedication. Alludu Seenu is the launch vehicle for Bellamkonda Srinivas and it follows the protocol religiously. How much longer will the audiences continue to waste their money on movies like these in the name of mindless entertainment is anyone's guess.

A guy who doesn't know what train he has boarded, managing to kick the shit out of two dons, one ruling Hyderabad and the other doing so in Sharjah, is the summary of the movie. The heroine falling for him because gets a chartered flight to help her attend two important events in her best friends' lives (cheats her own dad's PA to get him her own dad's client's chartered plane. RIP logic), is another milestone in the movie. Finally, he saving her life by jumping off the tallest bungee-jumping tower in Sharjah, like it was a guava tree, is another highlight. These are just a few.

Plot: Alludu Seenu(Sreenivas) is a street-smart guy, who arrives at Hyderabad to escape from his creditors. He chances upon the bungalow of an influential mafia head who looks exactly the same as his adopted uncle, Narsimha(Prakash Raj). (yes, no blood relation) He also falls in love with Anjali (Samatha), who is apparently Bhai's daughter. Bhai meanwhile has his own plans to make the most out of Anjali's marriage. Narsimha and Bhai have a history. How Srinivas plays out a grand scheme to give Narsimha and his friends the life and identity they lost and saves Anjali from her commercial marriage makes up for the rest of the illogical plot.

Cast & Crew: V V Vinayak has clearly run out of steam and ideas. The biggest pivot in this plot is cliched and worn out due to its use in Tollywood. Sreenivas is tall, well-built and is a good dancer. With time, you might believe he will learn to act. In this movie though, he had the dead eyes of a fish and a face that can hardly emote. Rana looks like an Oscar winner next to Sreenivas', in terms of acting. Samantha has somehow gone backwards since the start of her career. She had given up plump acting roles for Barbie-doll roles long back. But, this movie revealed a changed face that doesn't look pretty any more, only tampered. It pains a Samantha fan to look at her in this movie. The music by DSP is below average, barring the title song, which has decent beats and is DSP's forte. Otherwise it is a half-cooked song. There is a good plane-chase scene that will get you enthused. Otherwise Chota K Naidu's camera work is nothing to write home for. The director V V Vinayak tries to create a movie that is packed with so much masala, it will give audiences a bad stomach, metaphorically speaking.

Prakash Raj has an important role but he has enacted the role so many hundreds of times, one can almost do with a puppet of his, to imagine what he would say and how. Brahmanandam as Dimple is the only saving grace in the movie. Along with Ravi Babu, he has some funny lines and makes the audiences laugh in many scenes.

All in all, this is a movie, that will make even Taran Adarsh think, before giving it a few stars!

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