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Amrutham Chandamama Lo

Amrutham Chandamama Lo

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Directed by : Gangaraju Gunnam

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The film aims to continue the humourous legacy of the TV soap Amrutham during its telecast years ago amidst a moon-backdrop. Srinivas Rao Avasarala and Dhanya Balakrishna play the lead pair in the film while most of the cast that featured in the serial is expected to reprise its roles here too. 


“Amrutham Chandamama Lo is a perfect family watch that has an adorable mix of elements that children and adults can whole-heartedly root for.”

Amrutham Chandamama Lo Credit & Casting

Srinivas Rao Avasarala

Amrutham Chandamama Lo Audience Review

Escapism isn't only for kids after-all

Rated 3.5 / 5

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Not often do you get a filmmaker who makes the cut evenly for his younger and adult audiences. They either end up being too childish or over-sensitive in the process with their plots and have a film that neither sects can honestly root for. But, to your surprise, Amrutham Chandamama Lo coming from the franchise of the Little Soldiers maker Gangaraju Gunnam eases past its narrative and gifts a rare offering in contemporary Telugu cinema that you can confidently take your families along. He ensures that by consistently respecting the intelligence of the viewer and balances that with occasional child-like strides to lend it the charm it honestly deserves.

Just like the earlier telecast of the weekend soap, the movie is based on a single life-changing episode. Never the makers let the kid-friendly limits turn too saccharine. They have little time to explore each of the landmark characters and the 130 minute running time ensures that they don't stretch themselves too hard to reinvent them amidst the milieu of a moon. The lead actors are often conned and trapped in situations, but sustaining the humour quotient of the same, the innovative methods laced with a likeable innocence have that uncanny knack of softening you up inside.

The honest performances from the cast, some, handpicked from the original series and some being promising additions, namely Srinivas Avasarala, Harish, Dhanya Balakrishna, Rao Ramesh and Ahuthi Prasad are stuff you'd wish to revisit again. A sufficing background score from Sree in tandem with the technical display won't disappoint you either. Stupid true-to-life moments are something that the movie constantly toys with and you realise that escapism is not a bad world after all. With nothing from the recent past being a deserving watch, don't think much to give your naive cells a humbling chance to have a blast.

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