Andhra Pori

Andhra Pori

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“Old world execution and amateurish acting plays spoilsport,Skip it!”

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Andhra Pori Review

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Andhra Pori is story of a young boy from Kottagudem named Narsing (Akash Puri) who is the son of Yadamma ( Eshwari Rao), a widow who wishes to enroll her son in Kottegudem Thermal Power Station. Narsing fails 10th grade and joins a theatre, being a hardcore fan of Chiranjeevi. He ends up falling for Prashanthi (Ulka Gupta) daughter of Gopal Rao (Dr.Srikanth) who is an engineer in Thermal Power station. Various things happen and the plot unfolds to bigger things in the town.

Akash Puri's debut attempts find him a satisfying result with respect to delivering believable Telangana accent and brash body language. Ulka Gupta is convincing as a school student. Humor devoid, poor screenplay with a slow pace however kills the film. Although Dr.Josya Bhatla gives the movie some catchy tunes, the poor editing and average cinematography bring down the film's luster. Director Raj Madirajuis packages the same lovestory again and serves it to us hoping good production values sell the product but people can get a little sick of drinking the same wine from newer bottles.

This film was originally made in Marathi that had its own quirks that made it work. However the same magic could not be worked up in the Telugu version. It aims at young prepubescent and adolescent souls venturing into love, passion and romance for the first time. But the film is nothing great to spend your money on.

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