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“A solid plot and a taut screenplay makes this a winner!”

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Nara Rohit


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A psychological thriller for a three year old!

| by Krishna Sripada |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Director Krishna Vijay started out probably with the intention of making a psychological thriller around a jailor Dharma Teja (Nara Rohith) and a stubborn prisoner handed out a death sentence. It was supposed to be a game of wit between them with the prisoner, a man who killed three of his half-siblings ruthlessly for property wanting to go to any length to save himself. The script until there sounded a little different. Yet, the actual screenplay is so shoddy you would wonder if the makers did any homework on it. For starters, there are so many logical flaws in the movie you could create a three hour documentary discussing them.

Take for example, how Charlie (Ravi Verma), the prisoner hinges all his stubbornness on one simple deal - he promises 50 crore worth diamonds to the man who could get him out of the prison. How did he know, the person he offered the deal to will be able to help him? How did the people who take up the bait believe they could get him out by just delaying his death sentence. Those and many other questions plague you right through the movie. Amidst all that, there are couple of unnecessary romantic songs even though the chemistry between the protagonist and his love interest (Priya Banerjee) is zilch. There is an item song and couple of solo hero-buildup songs too, for lack of a better word.

At the heart of the script, there is just one small, very predictable twist. The director weaves an entire movie out of it with more loopholes, random assumptions and a bunch of amateur looking cops and criminals. Agreed the budget was low, yet, many a psychological thrillers around criminals have been made with much less. You don't really need unnecessary songs and skin show at climax if your villains are hare-brained individuals who have no clue about their own stratagems. It is almost ridiculous how they think their stratagems are smart ones and how the director convinced himself of it.

Nara Rohith is a fine actor with a lovely voice and the courage to pick different scripts. Yet, you could see he is giving up on himself, bloated and out of shape. He has good diction and dialogue delivery and yet the movie always comes down to the cop smacking the daylights out of the goons. The most ridiculous aspect of the movie is about how a cop who believes in justice and doesn't think twice about shooting down goons in encounter postpones the actual death sentence due to minor delays in technicalities. If he was as capable of strategems himself as the ending showed, the movie pretty much should've gotten over in the first fifteen minutes. The camera work and music of the movie are good but for once, they needed a better direction to really give them the value they deserved. All in all, it is a movie that could have done with a smarter screenplay where the whole prisoner trying to escape from jail ideology was well developed and not just a random plotline playing out on your patience!

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  • On June 06, 2015