Autonagar Surya

Autonagar Surya

3.2 779 Ratings

Directed by : Deva Katta

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  • Critics Rating 2.8/5
  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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“Autonagar Surya comes a cropper significantly due its outdated treatment of an over-used theme in spite of an improved and a composed performance from the lead actor Naga Chaitanya. The effort to be intelligent and cater to the masses doesn't quite work.”

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Naga Chaitanya

Autonagar Surya Audience Review

Your conflict will never interest me

| by Rohit Penumatsa |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Nothing in particular to be said about this film. It’s every character is treated like an age old indestructible cliche and like every other film that does that, it strongly believes them to be original and every moment golden. So golden that the film went on forever after I thought it was finished, twice. 


I cannot take a director like Deva Katta seriously for the simple mismatch of the seriousness (authentic looking lead for starters) he tries to attach to his films and the casting. Here’s a film about a child orphaned because of a caste obsessed murder and how after being thrown out by his uncle this kid goes on to lead a life that will unite the workers of the world in revolution, and he tried to pull this off with Naga Chaitanya. In a way his script was never detailed enough to make any casting look good, but, Chaitanya of all the people? And Katta also suffers with the lack of education about cutting down production costs (technology and script wise), I feel sorry for these people who really believe that all their million dollar songs and the 200 extras for every action scene (of which they are about 20) are inevitable. 


Katta often tries to prove his novelty by throwing in details about cars, deals and witty lines about the nation at large. When all the resolutions lie in Surya bashing out the mafia that controls the market or monologues that change people straight away, your conflict will never interest me.

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