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Directed by : S S Rajamouli

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Two brothers clash for control of a kingdom.


“If its story was as big as its visual grandeur, Baahubali would have been epic. ”

Baahubali Audience Review

Baahubali movie review

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Baahubali is India's most expensive film and the most anticipated one too. Before I go with the review, I must say I am amazed by this man's vision and previsualization abilty to pull off this once in a lifetime masterpiece. Hats off to you SS Rajamouli. Baahubali is truly classy in every aspect, when compared to other commercial and crappy films.

I cant really break down the plot for you because what got released is just the 1st part. Its about a lost child, backtracking and finding his roots, in the path his destiny takes him. He discovers he is the son of the king of Mahispathi, Baahubali. He finds that his father was assassinated and there ends the first part. Probably, the sequel would have answers for your remaining questions.

Story is nothing new but I liked the screenplay. Because for the fact that it didn't take references from our own mythologies. Though the conspiracies in the kingdom were a little old fashioned, the way the characters were shaped, seemed fresh. There was a bit of intelligence in choreographing the climax war sequence, which lasted for 30 minutes and was truly riveting stuff. 1st half has its moments of dullness and grandeur, the 2nd half is unbelievably gripping. Honestly, I didnt like a romantic song in the 1st half and an item song in the 2nd.

Baahubali is technically brilliant film, especially the vfx and CGI parts. Nothing looked staged or unrealistic. Of course, its a fantasy film so the hero climbing waterfalls and flying between mountains are acceptable. Music by Keeravani was good to me. He rocketed some scenes to a new level with his BGM and jarred a few scenes. Editing was a bit jumpy and abrupt but keeping the runtime down to 160 minutes is an achievement. Cinematography was awesome with perfect framing and angles. Other departments like Art, costumes, makeup etc were all in perfect sync.

Performances wise, Prabhas and Rana totally rocked. The body language and dialogue delivery was good. Anushka gives a natural performance. Tamanna was a bit rusty and looked a little dumb for a warrior and she has difficulty in acting. Nasser essays his role in ease. Ramya Krishnan and Sathyaraj has given their lifetime performances. Overall, the casting choices were good and comands respect, except for Tamanna, which is my humble opinion.

Baahubali, the epic, is truly a masterpiece from SSR. He could have settled for some mediocre product and still given a hit but his vision to take indian cinema to a world level is what takes him to the top directors in India list. There are a couple of ridiculous scenes and a few speed breaking songs, but they are just a few and what follows next makes you forget everything. 1st half wanders but the 2nd half moves with a purpose and the climax was sequence is a first of its kind in indian cinema. So don't miss this epic on the big screen.