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Directed by : Mohan Krishna Indraganti

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Starring Allari Naresh in the lead role, Bandipotu is a venture being made under the banner of EVV Cinema by Aryan Rajesh. The film has music by Kalyani Koduri.


“Bandipotu doesn't coast along but is good enough to give the makeover that Allari Naresh really needed.”

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Indraganti Mohan Krishna is one Telugu director who has been treading the unbeaten paths, giving old stories newer treatments and proving that hit movies can be delivered without big banners and stars on board. He has been handling subjects differently and consistently, be it the tongue-in-cheek comedies like Ashta Chemma or mature subjects like live-in relationships in Antakamundu Aataravata.

Bandipotu is the story of vengeance, interspersed with comedy, romance, action and intelligence. Don't be mistaken seeing Allari Naresh on the banners and promos. It's more of a Mohan Krishna Indraganti film that an Allari Naresh film. Jahnavi (Eashaa) is the daughter of an honest accountant who was falsely accused by his 3 business partners in a chit-fund scam, because of which he gets sentenced to jail. To have her revenge, she approaches Vishwanath (Allari Naresh), an ace con man, to assist her in the damnation of the 3 bad guys. One by one, he teaches each (Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh and Posani) of them a lesson for life.

Mohan Krishna's trademark direction was visible all through out the film Bandipotu. Kalyani Koduri (one of Mohan's steady go-to) throws in thoughtful background scores and good music, which was a major lift for all the visuals in the film. The timely subtle content-oriented dialogues with hints of comedy was another of Mohan's USP that was visible all through the film, tickling you in the ribs in the most untimely of situations. The credit also goes to a lot of talented supporting actors like Srinivas Avasarala, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Sampoornesh Babu, Posani, etc. who are just doing great acting and making the world a better place! The cast was well chosen and each played their given parts well. N.T.R's 1968 Bandipotu and a lot of old Telugu songs get their timely pun as the film proceeds.

Talking about the lead pair, the only thing that seemed off was the decision to cast Naresh without having used his USPs. Naresh created his own genre of films and delivered consistently over a period, so it is a bit out of the ordinary to see him play the lead here. Eeshaa was portrayed decently well as the glamorous leading lady although scope for improving acting skills is still evident… but she is proving to be fast learner. Naresh however does contribute to lighter moments attributed to this standard style of acting but we sure did miss him a bit.

All in all, Bandipotu is surely a good film despite its lagging bits in the second half and few pretentiously deep dialogues but that's not enough reason to skip it. A good film awaits this weekend!

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