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Directed by : Kanmani

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Beeruva is an action entertainer starring Sundeep Kishan and Surabhi in the lead roles. Directed by Kanmani.


“Beeruva just like its title restricts its plot to a confined box, neither novel nor entertaining. ”

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What you see is not what you get!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sundeep Kishan's Joru had left some of us with a very bad taste in the mouth. The title of the movie had not much to do with the actual story or screenplay of the movie. When the trailers of Beeruva came about, you wondered if finally, you would get a story that is off-beat and unconventional. The trailer narrative talks about how the hero Sanju(Sundeep) has always been saved by the beeruva or cupboard, a good place to hide or escape, like in the Harry Potter world? While this is what is used as a prop to start the action, but soon, you are fed yet again, the same old tale - the angry money lender Adi Kesavulu(Mukesh Rishi) who has his clutches around Sanju's father, Naresh, a rich businessman, driven to borrow money from Adi. Was there a hidden agenda there of his son, Sundeep yet again playing the mischievous guy who isn't doing much in his life, in spite of being the smartest guy in the room all the time.

The movie moves on with Sanju getting the better of anti-heroes and villains(Ajay playing one of them), usually dumb, usually beaten in all their strategies by this mischievous hero, with a great master-plan churning brain. Surabhi plays Swathi, the money-lender's daughter. She is pretty and we will hope that someday, we will get to see if she can act, considering that in movies like these she is only a prop for the hero to show his street-smartness. And for the songs, yes!

While parts of the movie manage to generate some laughs thanks to Naresh and Sapthagiri, there are a lot of empty phases, fights, etc. that make you cringe. You have seen a lot of them already and you wonder if it isn't all a repeat of the repeat version of the dumb and dumber show. These are good actors, all of them, but somewhere, the script, the dialogues and the strategies adopted are stale and out of steam. Beeruva is movie for Sundeep's fans. It is quite good looking, thanks to his uncle, Chota Naidu and his cinematography. Thaman is the music director. It means, you already know how the tunes are going to sound like, for good or for bad. Watch it at your own expense! You only wish director Kanmani played a little more around the initial idea of using a Beeruva heavily in the script!

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