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The Bells

The Bells

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“A stereotypical entertainer that will make you yawn.”

The Bells Audience Review

Romance and crime drama that runs out of steam.

Rated 1.5 / 5

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The Bells starts out with good intentions. Rahul plays Bharat who is an idealist constantly believing in individuals doing the right thing and contributing to society. He meets and falls in love with Swatantra (Neha Deshpande) and the whole thing happens in a breeze. That is when the movie steps into alien territory. First, Bharat starts a foundation called The Bells, which primarily aims at rehabilitating women who have been abused. It seems to garner all the publicity helping Bharat to expand its utility and help a lot of people in the process. Obviously that also wins him some enemies. However, the biggest twist comes in the form of Rahul being arrested for the ACP on the allegations of murder even as several eminent public servants in the city are found dead. It is not clear as to who was behind those murders even though Bharat and the friend whose tragic famiily story inspired Bharat to start The Bells.

The Bells, is a low budget movie. Sometimes talented crew make do with what they have. But in this case, the work is amateurish, whether it is music, cinematography or production values. That doesn't really indulge you in the story which is half-baked despite good startings. The movie soon becomes boring. The love story in the first half is strangely disconnected without much chemistry. While involving an NGO to throw light on an important social cause is a sound addition to a movie, the second half seems rather discordant with all its elements which Praveen Chander hasn't been able to bring together well. Uday's camera work or Shyam's music fail to impress and that leaves the movie as a disappointment.

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