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Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

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Directed by : Sampath Nandi

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Bengal Tiger is the story of a man from Athreyapuram in Godavari district who comes on a mission to Hyderabad.


“Bengal Tiger is tailor made for formula film lovers.”

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Ravi Teja

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One for the fans before extinction of endangered species!

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Ravi Teja was likable at one point, self-made, passionate and so unlike the star kids. We could see the sincerity in him and we embraced the actor in him, watching him go from character and negative roles to a protagonist role. Then he became Mass Maharaja. We adored him for being the common man actor, who was more relatable than the kids backed by dynasties and massive production houses. Now Ravi Teja is 47, a delicate age, where most stars show their true colours. As someone who had at one point liked him for being self-made on hard work alone, I hoped Ravi Teja would do what star kids would never do - open up the avenues for other struggling actors, supporting movies on good stories where he would show us the acting he is truly capable of. Instead he fell in the similar trap of trying to churn out commercial entertainers to create cult following - dancing with heroines who look too tender for a Mass Maharaja, smashing 100 goons, and participating in cliched commercial entertainers. Anyway, that is his choice.

Bengal Tiger is a movie about a character Akash who is not too different from the one in Kick. He has a mission - that much is predictable - because otherwise no guy would throw stones at a minister and shoot at a cop just for fun and just to become famous like he suggests. Amidst that jamboree, he is a lover boy toying with the hearts of not one but two pretty ladies, played by Rashi Khanna, who is the home minister's daughter in the movie and Tamannah, who plays the CM's daughter. Boman Irani as the conniving CM shows his acting class, using subtlety in an industry that is extremely loud. And yet, he shows that subtle but quality acting works, gets the same attention if done the right way. At the end, the audience is intelligent and we don't need media channel loudness to appreciate good performances. We are observant. But director Sampath Nandi is in his own world, recreating the son takes revenge for the father saga all over again with some twists and turns. Prithvi gets another excellent comical bit and is complemented by Posani Murali Krishna. At the core though, the movie is not much more than adding fuel to the cult fame that every star wants these days. As the awareness of audience grows each day, producers must understand that we want more than just raw commercial entertainers, where a one-scene henchman drags his chair hilariously on the highway for style only to watch his men get beaten up by the hero. Why they go and attack the hero one or two at a time and not all together, is a question that has eluded the audience for eternity. How do the hero's plans work better than Vishwanath Anand's is another puzzle. How can one think of 15th and 18th move and pull it off unless the villain is dumb. Anyway, the movie will entertain you if you want an out and out no-brainer that is commercial and formulaic. The rest can take it easy!

Note: Some questions that have eluded the Telugu audience for eternity. 1. Why do henchmen always attack the villain one or two at a time, when they are clearly getting bashed. 2. Why do heroes who plan the 18th or 20th move of the game and pull it off not play chess instead. India needs Viswanathan Anand's replacement soon. 3. Are our heroes the virile combos that at a grand old age are loverboy-chess wizard-wrestler-humorist-tactician all rolled into one. If yes, can the secret be passed on so I can mentor my friend's puppy.

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