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Best Actors

Best Actors

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Release Date : | Length : 120 Minutes

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Four friends travel to Goa as one of them recently had a breakup. They soon meet two girls and quickly become friends, which leads to further complications in their lives. The film explores different romantic relationships that youngsters get into these days and has a humorous touch to it.


“Totally not worth your money or time.”

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall + a bunch of other hangover movies terribly rehashed!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Featuring Nandu, Madhurima, Bhargavi, Abhi, Naveed and a bunch of others, Best Actors could probably win a nomination to Razzie. Firstly, it kills your heart by ripping of the plot of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and so badly rehashing it that it ruins your memory forever. Anyways, it is about a bunch of extremely horny guys who take a road trip to Goa. Two of them manage to hook up with two extremely pretty ladies and somehow get laid. It seems virtually impossible given how stupidly they talk and how idiotic each of their mannerisms are. Meanwhile one of the four is heartbroken and finds that his ex girlfriend is staying in the same resort with her present boyfriend. He takes solace in the friendship of the receptionist and that slowly blooms into love. The twist in the tale happens when the two guys who bedded the two pretty ladies are informed that one of the two girls had AIDS. Since the two dumb guys didn't use protection they are told one of them now has AIDS. The girls sadistically enjoy the whole breaking of that news. Who is infected with AIDS and what happens next makes for the rest of the movie.

Best Actors is terrible at many levels. You cringe at the way the jokes, young men and women are portrayed. It's like they've nothing but women on their mind even though not one of them can speak three lines sensibly in succession. The songs are terribly damp and reek of plagiarism. The cinematography is colourful. The worst aspect of the movie is the writing. None of the comic lines provide any laughs and almost always sound farcically loud and forced. The emotional talk sounds extremely shallow and at times the conversations between the friends is so ridiculous you unintentionally end up laughing at them.

All in all Best Actors got what it deserved - an empty hall. Seriously, if you had the budget for whatever was made there are so many good stories to pick. Even if they wanted to rip FSM, it could've been done with a little more sincerity to the whole art of filmmaking. Instead they are just catering to weirdly horny guys who lack sense and sensibility.

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