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Bhale Manchi Roju

Bhale Manchi Roju

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Directed by : Sriram Aditya

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Bhale Manchi Roju is a Telugu drama film starring Sudhir Babu in the lead role.

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Sudheer Babu


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Surprisingly, refreshingly good!

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Crime-comedy-thrillers - That is Tollywood's latest obsession. And as the title suggests, it is hard to pull off - how do you mix crime and comedy and make the movie thrilling? Sriram Aditya's debut venture walks the tight rope well and it is a surprise the young director pulled it off so well. He had great assistance from the neo-noir elements including Sunny's music, Shamdat's cinematography and MR Varma's editing. The story is about a kidnap - of a bride (Wamiqa) and how Ram's (Sudheer Babu) life gets entangled in it with multiple stakeholders. From Nartansala, the dilapidated theater from where Shanti (Sai Kumar) runs his operations, tormented by a nymphomaniac wife, with stills of the old classic playing in the background to Prithvi's cameo in the end as the junior artist, the movie is full of quirks. It is not the kind of quirky comedy we are used to seeing, more experimented with in Tamil movies. The electric guitar riffs at the right moments, some timely wisecracks, no lengthy monologues but heavy stylization of close up shots make sure you watch the movie with great joy from the start to finish.

The movie could have done with some better acting by Sudheer but Wamiqa takes the cake, looking extremely gorgeous in her bride-dress (pretty much spending the entire day in it) and emoting extremely well. Some comedy scenes including those of Posani do not create the magic that is expected but the movie has more to cheer and less to criticize - something I haven't been fortunate enough to do in the recent past as far as Telugu movies are concerned. Kudos to Sriram Aditya for ushering us into this new genre of movies which focuses on quirks, good screenplay, excellent editing and great OST, reminding one of Swamy Ra Ra - only with a little more finesse - yes, I will rate this above that for the simple reason that this keeps the surprise coming despite what seems like a routine kidnapping - love story plot. In fact, the movie starts with a close-up scene of the radio and the hero washing away his gloom and heartbreak only to take revenge on his promiscous lover. But, that spirals into an entirely different monster. The support cast including Venu does extremely well to keep the movie peppy. At some points, the makers get carried away with the slow-motion sequences and that level of heavy experimentation hurts the flow of the movie, but for an industry starved of good movies, these sins are forgiven!

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