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Bheemavaram Bullodu

Bheemavaram Bullodu

3.2 1,932 Ratings

Directed by : A Uday Shankar

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  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Bheemavaram Bullodu is an upcoming comedy film which has Sunil and Esther in the lead roles. 'Kalisundaam Raa' fame Uday Shankar is directng the film and D. Suresh Babu is the producer.


“Terrible dialogues and outdated narration make this predictable family drama a boring film. Skip it.”

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Rated 1.0 / 5

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There is no more storytelling, not in our age. What we are forced to choke down on is irrational comedy and recycled ideas, something we, as the audience, have accepted as the cinema of our times. And now that we have established this as a fact and are comfortable with it, let us not debate or wonder why this review of Bheemavaram Bullodu is so caustic and downright venomous.

This film, my dear audience, leaves you sapped of energy. Actor Sunil is Rambabu who is wrongly diagnosed with a life threatening disease. He must make the best use of his last few days and decides to be of help to one and all while undertaking some really reckless endeavours. He meets Nandini ( actress Esther) who brings a troubled past with herself. And the rest as we all very well know, is our Telugu cinema.

Of course, knowing Sunil, one must expect a gut wrenching comic side track. There is no dearth of a comic side cast, because everyone including the seemingly monstrous villains and goons are hilarious but something about their passionate villainery makes me think their comic nature was unintentional.

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way critical of this film. Having participated in another hall of horrors, I have learnt the art of detached amusement.

P.S - There is quite a lot of racial and gender profiling and stereotyping.

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