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Boochamma Boochudu

Boochamma Boochudu

3.1 806 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 135 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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“Boochamma Boochudu is neither a good horror film nor a good comedy. A weakly written script and slow pace, pull it down further. Skip it!”

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Sivaji Raja


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Boochamma Boochode – A Ridiculous Attempt at Horror Comedy

Rated 1.0 / 5

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'Boochamma Boochode' is yet another take at the now favorite genre of Horror Comedy. But it miserably fails to fit the bill, owing to a half-baked, ridiculous plot and mindless attempt at comedy. This film stars Sivaji (from the Good Ol' Missama Days) and Kainaz Motivala (Ragini MMS fame) along with a plethora of regular comedians including Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, Posaani, Taagubothu Ramesh and many more.

Plot: Karthik (Sivaji) and Sravani (Kainaz) are a happily wed couple, madly in love who decide to move to their newly purchased farm house. While couple immerses in merry making, strange sounds in the house lurk behind dark shadows and threaten their marriage and well-being. Several comedians make their untimely entries and exits and try and fix the problem with Vaastu shastra or spirit cleansing techniques. But all the comedy sequences rendered were rather novice and were miserably failing attempts at lame jokes. While Brahmanandam guides the couple in the phone with (not-so)funny marriage advices, he sends Vennela Kishore, a vaastu expert and Posaani, a powerful sadhu to help the couple. But both are fakes and both do a terrible job at adding to the 'comedy' part of horror comedy. Taagubothu Ramesh is a theif who enters their house and the couple, completely unperturned by a strange man's entry to their house, manages to manipulate the drunk burglar to wash vessels, make biriyani, clean the house, etc - which did not seem funny anyway. It is finally revealed that Karthik and Sravani get possessed occasionally by a ghost couple that was torn by a bad marriage - the flash back of the dead couple made no sense either. How the couple finally bring peace to the vengeful spirits makes the rest of the plot.

While Sivaji is supposed to look like a young husband who is madly in love with his beautiful wife, in close up shots he often looks like a drunk, old, moldy, unemployed criminal. If you expected any better from Kainaz, you notice that her no budgets were allocated to her vanity kit and she looks pale, with limp hair and bad skin and yellowing teeth. Except for in few scenes that were used in the posters, Kainaz make up kit didn't get to see the light of day through out the shooting. The dead husband and wife that make the vengeful spirits do an even more horrible job at acting - Amateur is the word. The tale is has no highs and lows and just meanders aimlessly between horror and comedy and between loud panting and screaming and humorlessly silly dialogues.

Revan Yadu does a completely sloppy job of direction and even though the camera work might be good quality, the lack of continuity, patchy screenplay and even more patchy change in moods with changing background scores makes this film a big let down. Producers Annamreddy Ramesh and Prasad Reddy that have their money riding on the horror comedy genre will have a tough time recovering their funds. Hope the makers realize its not just a bunch of comedians and tried and tested formulas that will give them hits, but a little sense into making concepts a reality. Sekhar Chandra's background score also are nothing to die for.

All in all, it's a movie you can gladly ignore. A complete bore. Life will offer you more. Forget the movie, this rhyme has a better score!

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