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Bruce Lee The Fighter

Bruce Lee The Fighter

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Directed by : Sreenu Vaitla

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Bruce Lee The Fighter is an action film starring Ram Charan in the lead role.


“Typical Srinu Vaitla formula cinema.”

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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Martin Scorcese has a style. So does Joss Whedon. And Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg. Why can't Srinu Vaitla have his own style of filmmaking? Yes, it'll be predictable formula cinema but what is his fault when that same formula has made him one of Tollywood's most commercially acclaimed directors. At least, commercially and critically both start with C. Yes, he can get away with making a movie, where the hero is called Bruce Lee (Ram Charan) and who deliberately failed his Intermediate and became a stunt man to help his father educate the elder daughter (the extremely pretty Kriti Kharbanda).

Is it the director's fault if he thinks that formula works, that it is possible that Jayaraj (Sampath Raj), the antagonist, who is shown as a business tycoon is a behind the scenes criminal nominated for Rajya Sabha? Is it his fault that he thinks Rajya Sabha nomination is a joke and so is the Padmashree Award. Bruce Lee's girlfriend (Rakulpreet Singh) thinks he is a cop and he had rather she keep getting into trouble than tell her the truth that he is just a stuntman. Is it the director's fault to make such a flawed person a hero, because fans want that, that their guy, who is super pretty and the daughter of an IB chief (Mukesh Rishi) should fall in love with their hero - so what if he is not for real - we can always cover it up in the end saying she loved him, the person and not his titles.

The director has made many hit movies and so if experience has taught him anything in life, it is that, between logic and magic, it is the latter that triumphs. They thought it is okay if the hero who lays an elaborate plan to deceive the villain, which includes acting dead and being thrown into the lake, just to appear with a single revolver on a ship to fight hundreds of henchmen. How does the hero, who loves his sister so much, risk that? Does he not worry even for a minute that his flair could put her life in risk? But he won't. And how can we blame the director when fans wants movies where heroes show flair and spurt out punch dialogues like 'requests vinapadavu, reactions kanapadavu, only resound' and 'mad max imax lo chusinattu untundi' and 'nenu modalipedite, no interval, only climax'. It hurt me that the heroine, mouths the director's intentions saying 'Idea di emundi, odiyalu tinnanta easy ga vastayi'. Odiyalu tinte vache ideas toh movie teeste ilane untundi.

The movie is typical Vaitla - it just goes from one sketch to another, from one lackluster twist to another, and from insanely ridiculous comedy scene to another. What is his fault? He thinks Brahmanandam acting like a monkey is funny for the fans. That is what his opinion about fans is. And by abusing movie reviewers on twitter, FB and wherever else possible, they prove his estimation of them is right! Oh btw, most of the music is Dubstep, just lifted in bits and pieces from everywhere. Ideas di emundi, itteste vachestayi!

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