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Bugudu is the story of a small nuclear family - mother, father and son and how they cope with their child's ADHD (attention deficit) problems. Bunny, full name Prem Babu (played by Vamsi Krishna) suffers at school from various kinds of harassment due to his mental condition. Mother Pooja (Lakshmi Manchu) constantly tries to settle the child and better his academic scores despite his lack of attention. The parents decide to send him to boarding school when for the better but something horrible is in store. Psychiatrist Geeta (Indraja) suggest some unusual treatment methods but the boy finds connections with a character called Diya.

The film gives you ADHD instead thanks to lack of continuity between two storylines that keep happening. With a dull narrative, the screenplay falls short of some real thunders where they are needed and gives your too many buildups where there is no scope. Hence, the big KLPD. Sai Karthik has a good commercial angle to his music score and he lends some heavy tunes that support this wannabe psychological thriller. Cinematography department was able handled by Suresh Ragutu.

Although the story is sensible and unusual for telugu audience, the lack of better skills to effective execution makes this a disappointment. The messages they tried to convey seem too bookish and the movie suffers lags and slow drags heavily. The performances by the cast were apt however the story turns sour due to bad direction and screenplay.

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