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Bunny and Cherry

Bunny and Cherry

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Bunny and Cherry is a comedy movie directed by Rajesh Puli and stars Prince in the lead role


“Bunny and Cherry has a good story, but mediocre writing and slow paced narration let it down. Watch it at your own risk.”

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Rated 1.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Of late the directors of Tollywood have found their muse in popular advertisements. Dasarth used a modified version of an ad in Mr. Perfect and in Bunnny and Cherry, director Rajesh Pulli weaved a comedy scene involving Brahmanandam based on the famous 'cheque-leaky-tap' M-Seal ad. Not just that, the movie rides on many references and inspirations. The way the heroines are introduced from feet to face is an archetypal Karunakaran. Case in point - the main plot itself is borrowed from a Hollywood film Face-Off. There it was an interchange of faces, and here - in the name of Neuro science - it's an exchange of memories. What an individual becomes after the exchange? How he leads his life? All the questions are answered in a predictable and irritating way.

By now most of you might have guessed the storyline, so no further probing in that zone. After a fatal accident, the identities of Bunny (Prince) and Cherry (Mahat Raghavendra) get exchanged. Now they have to convince their families and the world to live a happy life. Doctors call it miracle (some antibody replacement therapy) and the audience calls it disaster looking at the silly nuances and double meaning words which are part of a doctor's world. That's not all. Bunny and Cherry packs so many elements in the little dough available. It drags a sub-plot of satire on engineering education in the state, and finally in 3 Idiots style it concludes with a message that pumps in loads of social-awakening.

Somewhere in the narration it surfaces the plight of an individual who battles in the matrimony world infested with NRIs. Movies likes these, assert that if you are not from US or any foreign country, it's tough to get married. Phew! Even Brahmanadam couldn't save this film with his comedy as the episodes look like re-cycled leftovers. Moreover, the film propounds that heart is selfish and brain leads you to sacrifice, so in matters of love please ask your brain to call the shots.

Though the speed breaker turbine that was shown as part of a research project was innovative, it couldn't sustain the message of the film. The power generation and the formula behind that needed further explanation. In the second half, dragged emotions and forced comedy of errors ruled the roost and tested the patience of audience. Among the heroines Sabha and Krithika, the former looks impressive and also shares more screen space. Prince was in usual self portraying an idyllic role whereas Mahat got into a rugged look to woo the masses.

Bunny and Cherry gets into the zone of novelty in bits and pieces. It brings out some startling facts on screen, but they have to be backed by proper research. The narration looks very ordinary and offers no surprise. What could have been an engaging thriller with doses of comedy ends up as a half-baked tale of memory loss. The emotions couldn't drive the film and the relationships stand on a flimsy line. Yes, someone said in right. It's difficult to remake Face-Off in Telugu. Don't come close to this tale of memory loss, or you may suffer from a short term memory-loss disorder.

My Rating: Expectation - 6/10; Reality - 3/10

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