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Business Man

Business Man

3.6 6,624 Ratings

Directed by : Puri Jagannadh

Release Date : | Length : 133 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Business Man is the story of a guy for whom emotions mean nothing. All he knows is making deals. According to him, there is nothing in life called right or wrong, good or bad. After a thorough research on Mumbai underworld this guy has landed up in the city with an aim to become the biggest ever gangster.


“This movie is strictly for Mahesh Babu fans. The plot is under-utlized and the film relies heavily on catchy one liners and the actor's screen presence.”

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Not Quite A Winner

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Businessman is a film that is watchable only due to the sheer screen presence of Mahesh Babu.

Puri Jagganath and Mahesh Babu reunite after almost half a decade and expectations ran super high with this film. A lot of those are shattered since Businessman is not the usual Mahesh Babu fare, and in reality under-utilizes the star to a huge extent.

Mahesh plays Surya, an aspiring don who wants to rule the Mumbai underworld, which apparently has been wiped clean by Naseer, the polic commissioner of Mumbai. The director finds no need to establish motives or even backgrounds of any of the characters, the story just begins and ends abruptly.

The hallmark of Puri-Mahesh combo has been a healthy mix of action, comedy and love. Businessman's love angle is limited to some really shaby scenes with Kajal and about two songs with ample skin show (that incidentally was being blurred out for no apparent reasons).

With a single line story plot, Businessman rest only on the punch lines and charisma of the lead actor. Mahesh Babu doesnt explore any of his acting skills here, yet his presence is enough to impress you.The dialogues are not a patch on Pokiri, yet get enough whistles in the hall.

Businessman is strictly for Mahesh fans. Those who are not, might find the film insipid and odd. Watch it nonetheless, for one would not be entirely bored.

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