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“An interesting theme that gets lost in its own pointless screenplay”

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Sumanth Ashwin


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Fresh start turns into stale ending

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Chakkiliginta starts with an interesting premise - a boy in college (Sumanth Ashwin) who through his inspiring speech drives home the point that boys shouldn't chase girls until unless there is love in the offering and a girl (Rehana) who thinks she should end the power balance by making the boy fall for her. But, what next? Much was expected by well-known dialogue-writer turned director Vema Reddy, but not much is delivered. The movie name is a misnomer and at no point does it end up entertain you, after the fresh first half hour. What you get instead is a hotchpotch with too many ideas but too few intentions to execute well.

Backed by good production values, good cinematography and a not-so-bad music album, the movie was expected to attract college crowds. Nevertheless, set of a boy versus guy challenge as a premise, it has shades of chauvinism, venturing needlessly into whether boys should chase girls or vice-versa and creating misconceptions that could lead guys to believe any girl could fall for them, irrespective of whether they are worth her time. In the absence of genuine comedy or a strong climax, the movie meanders along in the second half, without really telling you much about the hero's background or how exactly he could mouth those dialogues so early in college life. In spite of comedians like Viva Harsha and Thagubothu Ramesh the movie isn't funny. Sai Sriram manages to get a very pretty look for the plot but at times style just doesn't make the cut. It needs more than just good music(Mickey Meyer) or good looks. The movie has many yawn-worthy boy girl dialogues and would fail to enthuse you in spite of two sincere and talented actors in the lead cast.

All in all it is a movie that wouldn't kill you but give you a headache. If you have long since grown up from those boy-girl pangs, it is not such a bad idea to spend your time and money elsewhere. After all our makers have to still understand the art of taking an idea and nurturing it till its completion, without suddenly changing their psyche to decide that the hero, no matter what his agenda should fight, look stylish in those fights or do funky stuff!

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