Chirunavvula Chirujallu (Endrendrum Punnagai)

Chirunavvula Chirujallu (Endrendrum Punnagai)

3.3 2,192 Ratings

Directed by : I. Mueenuddin Ahmed

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  • Critics Rating 3.1/5
  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Endrendrum Punnagai is an upcoming Tamil romantic comedy film directed by I. Mueenuddin Ahmed starring Jiiva and Trisha ,Music byHarris Jayaraj.


“Endrendum Punnagai is a tale on friendship and love with some good music. However, predictable scenes made the film look boring. Watch it at your leisure time.”

Chirunavvula Chirujallu (Endrendrum Punnagai) Credit & Casting


Chirunavvula Chirujallu (Endrendrum Punnagai) Audience Review

Ok Friendship. Ok Love. Ok Issues. Its all Ok-Ok

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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Jiva and Trisha’s feel-good romcom comes with the promise of creating the magic of simple life stories, of friendship, of love, of life but the whole movie passes you by without striking any of the above listed chords.  A Mueenuddin Ahmed directed film, this released a while back in Tamil Nadu and did supposedly well, which is why they probably decided to unleash it on us gulte souls. But somewhere in the dubbing or its wannabe attempts to be an intellectual A-center audience story, this film (waste of the medium budget allotted to it) uses up your patience faster than people dropping dead in game of thrones.


Gautham (Jiva) is a stubborn, egoistic, passionate young man whose got some serious mommy issues. He hates all women because his mom leaves his dad in his childhood. He didn’t take dad’s decision of getting a stepmommy for him too well either. But all this is because of Gautham’s very characteristic trait of being a complete princess, where he takes things too seriously and holds onto his anger for ages. He has two best friends Baby (Santhanam) and Sri (Vinay Rai), his BFFs, literally and they go about doing everything together including making awkward public acknowledgements of love for each other in social meetings. Their 15 years of friendship feeds of their oath to stay single forever as they begin to jointly profess that all wives only seem to torture their men mindlessly over their phones pestering them to come back home a.s.a.p. – like seriously, every wife in the film is incorporated only for those set of dialogues. This forms the basis of the story and obviously Trisha is that unstoppable force (armed by puppy eyes and silly smiles and innocent dialogues) that gets the immovable object (Jiva’s ass) to suck it and step back into the real world.


Gautham’s stubborn characterization is a potential one but his acting suffers from the syndrome called South-Indian-exaggeration where the essence of acting gets overshadowed by the obviousness of the screenplay. Trisha is given a very unconditionally loving, docile young girl, who was in love with the stubborn Jiva long before she even knew it. All he had to do was to give in to his ego and say a damn sorry and she would wind up in his arms. Santanam like always steals the show with his really quick comebacks but the threesome friendship does weave the magic you’d have probably seen in a Dil Chahta Hai or Zindagi Milegi Naa Dobara…


Some places, it becomes so important for the director to add a little joke, that the main point of the scene is lost. Trisha just meets with a horrible (pointless) accident and she is in need of blood. The doctor asks Santanam to donate, who matches the blood group – he cracks some jokes about how his blood is now alcohol positive and they digress from there. Who finally gave her blood? She seemed really in need of it! Ahh! Forget it, the joke was nice, we don’t need anything else1 Then there is another sequence where Santanam returns home drunk to his wife. They do an optical illusion with us, where the set is probably inclined at an angle but the camera is set to show it horizontally. When he walks, he walks at an angle, he slips off in that direction of gravity every time he tries to sit. Everything keeps falling off. The point is he’s drunk and the world looks tipsy. But it was just an idea forcefully inserted in the middle of some serious other things which just bores you more than tickle you.


It’s a slow movie and the bottom line is the magic isn’t created as much as you’d have liked it to. Watch it for Santanam’s quirks. If you’re a Trisha fan or you like Jiva you probably have reasons to go too. But wont say this movie is too terrific.

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