Courier Boy Kalyan

Courier Boy Kalyan

3.2 624 Ratings

Directed by : Prem Sai

Release Date : | Length : 106 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Courier Boy Kalyan is a 2015 Indian Telugu romantic action film directed by Premsai, who had earlier assisted Prabhu Deva.


“Courier Boy Kalyan is a passable entertainer.”

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Nitin Reddy


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Courier Boy Kalyan Audience Review

Decent thriller but very predictable!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Courier Boy Kalyan is a thriller that involves a courier which if reaches the right person will help put a full stop to a massive scandal. The whole first half builds up to this point. That is also the major drawback of the movie. When so much hinges in a thriller on one event, it is hard to keep the audience from not getting distracted or bored. Kalyan (Nitiin) is a vagabond who likes chilling out. He sees a girl Kavya (Yami Gautam) and likes her so much that he decides to take up the courier boy job that his friend offers so he has an excuse to see her everyday. Meanwhile, a group of doctors have formed an interesting racket that steals stem cells from the foetus and cause abortions. There is a social activist called Satyanarayana (Nasser) who helps people, everyone and anyone. A sincere ward boy writes about the scandal to Satyanarayana and that courier eventually lands in the hand of Kalyan. The last one hour of the movie is about the corrupt doctors' men chasing the courier and trying to get the envelope before Satyanarayana reads it.

The love track and the climax are actually unrelated which makes you wonder why it was necessary for a thriller. More importantly, the chase itself is disconnected because the hero finds himself on the roads, on the highway and then in a shopping mall which feels bizarre. Somehow the men chasing him know his exact spot as if through GPS tracking. Yet, he keeps eluding them. That drama is not nearly as thrilling as it is annoying. The build up of Kalyan's character is ridiculous too. He is touted as the guy who puts delivering that courier ahead of his life. Yet, in the whole of first half he is seen not caring at all about his deliveries. The cinematography of the movie is decent but the music falls flat.

All in all, Courier Boy Kalyan is not the thriller that will keep you at the edge of the seats. It is very predictable and you almost always seem to know what will happen next, which is not a good thing for a thriller. It is a decent watch, but not necessarily a must watch.

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