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D for Dopidi

D for Dopidi

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Directed by : Siraj Kalla

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D for Dopidi is an action-comedy movie directed by Siraj Kalla and stars Varun Sandesh in the lead role


“D for Dopidi has got light-hearted humor with some brilliant dialogues. Although there are logical loopholes, the crisp run-time makes up for it. Watch it if you are a fan of Crime-comedy films.”

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Varun Sandesh


D for Dopidi Audience Review

‘D’ for Delectable!!

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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D for Dopidi rides high on the 'D' factor!!

D for Depict

The film depicts the current status quo and how disgruntled today's youth are. They want to fly high in their lives and in the process they land themselves in a murky pool. How to earn money the easy way forms the movie's premise, which mirrors the present day society. D for Dopidi opens with two stories - one shown in a rustic backdrop and the other involving four people in an urban setup. How these stories get connected is a play to fuel the imagination of audience.

D for Diversity

The master-stroke lies in pruning the characters with idiosyncrasies, and they are in stark contrast with each other. Raju (Sundeep Kishan) is a senior most junior artist, Vicky (Varun Sandesh) is in debts owing to his girlfriend retention scheme, Harish (Naveen) has to earn 10 lakhs in a year to get his gal and Bannu (Rakesh) needs a metamorphosis from 'family pack' to 'six pack'. All join hands to rob a bank and get money, and give wings to their stagnant lives. Wait, the diversity can also be seen in other supporting cast, especially Chevaula Pilla, the ghost writer who smokes joints and narrates scenes. And director Dev Katta as a police officer is a revelation.

D for Dauntless

Director Siraj Kalla's dauntless direction takes the movie many notches higher in making it enthralling and entertaining. He never allowed the commercial elements to creep into the narrative. The scenes are juxtaposed so tightly that there is no scope for any song placement and forced comedy.

D for Dearth

The film has a dearth of songs and the female lead comes much late into the story. So the songs, in the form of promos, are pushed towards the end. The back-to-bang song placement during the end credits is another first for D for Dopidi.

D for Demeanor

The characteristic traits set by the director are stretched to a large extent by the actors. In fact, the actors owned the film. Sundeep Kishan is at his best dishing out a performance that's a mix of clarity and confusion. He moderates the rest of the group when they move poles apart in settling on something. This is arguably the finest performance of Varun Sandesh.

D for Dexterity

The technical departments are in a race to outshine each other. The camerawork for the scenes in the bank are impressive. Music by Mahesh is more an off-beat fare than a regular one. The intensity in the scenes surfaces with the background music. Another asset is the runtime of 2 hours. The editor keeps it short and crisp.

D for Dichotomy

D for Dopidi marries two genres of 'Crime' and 'Comedy'.

D for Didactic

The film gets into the preaching mode giving a message that there's no substitute to hard work and easy money always pushes you into problems.

D for Disconcerting

Although the film moves ahead with a taut screenplay, several moments drag like chewing gum. While the back stories of the friends are sparks of genius, the one with Tanikella Bharani slows down the pace. The film may not be palatable for all the sections of the audience as it lacks the commercial ingredients.

D for Different

D for Dopidi has its share of highs and lows. Though the narration drops at few points, the gutsy story-telling of Siraj Kalla makes the cut. The project is backed by Krishna DK & Raj Nidimoru and the in-film DVD placement of Shor in the City stands an affirmation for a creative use of their work. The actors take a plunge giving their finest performances in author backed roles. Nani turns producer with this project and also flashes a cameo in the end alongside stepping into the shoes of the narrator. Watch D for Dopidi for all the aforesaid Ds and get Delighted enjoying this Delectable meal.

D for Don't miss it!!

My Rating: Expectation - 5/10; Reality - 6/10

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