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Directed by : Nani Krishna

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Devaraya is a social-fantasy in which Srikanth appears as a king and Meenakshi Dixit plays the female lead.


“A socio-fantasy movie with gaudy costumes, inconsistent scenes, inane dialogues and bitter masala you can't digest. Skip it.”

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Rated 1.5 / 5

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People, at the outset, this is not a history lesson. It is not even a speculative take on history. It is.... O God (or should one say O, Devaraya) an unintentional parody on the great king Krishnadevaraya.

The story : Many moons ago the great king Krishandevaraya succumbs to love (actually shall we say libido ??) and in an unfortunate attempt at demonstrating his love for Sunanda -a classical dancer in his esteemed court who in this movie has been portrayed as an item girl of the Vijayanagara empire - destroys an idol of a Goddess. This of course leads to misfortune.

Now lets jump into the 21st century where the spirit of the king makes a belated entry into our hero's mortal body and accomplishes a couple of things - repairs his moral compass, restores his pride in Telugu, beats up some baddies who want to usurp land to build a factory and restores the idol in its rightful place. Wow !!

Actor Srikant plays Dorababu as well as Krishnadevaraya.Dorababu is the 21st century, unemployed, undereducated village wastrel, playboy and gambler. Krishnadevaraya is the 16th century king of the Vijayanagara dynasty. The former dresses for some inexplicable reason in kurtas with a strong feminine bent. The latter wears enough bling to shame even his lady friend.

The former also falls in love but with the very precocious 'Sheela ki Jawaani'-loving, city-bred granddaughter of the village scholar. Precocious she maybe but she is a motherless child therefore loves God (!) . She throws wisdom and caution to the winds and sets out to 'repair' Dorababu.

Very thankfully, the end to this very painful saga (painful for the viewers, that is) comes swiftly and mercifully. Thank you Gods and kings !!

The ordeal was made even more unbearable thanks to the dancing skills of the two leading ladies Meenakshi Dixit (Sunanda) and Vidisha (Swapna). Nothing needs to be written about the supporting cast. As for director Nani Krishna - was this a comedy, parody or tragedy ????

If and only if one is bent on inflicting torture on self, watch this tragi-comedic parody. Hmmm..

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