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Directed by : Sriwass

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Dictator is an Telugu film, jointly produced by Eros International and Sriwass under Vedhaaswa Creations banner, directed by Sriwass.


“Dictator is one of those movies that you would have watched a thousand times!”

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Nandamuri Balakrishna


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Dictator Audience Review

This is old wine in a personalized Balakrishna's water bottle.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rakesh Reddy (652 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Balakrishna's 99th movie, Dictator hit the theatres today and first impression was that there is nothing new in the story but the lack of solid story was compensated by some power performances by Balakrishna. There are loads of loud trademark Ballaya dialogues, which the fans will definitely go crazy. It falls under romantic comedy thriller genre, that means it has everything a common man will look forward to.

There is this undercover person called Chandu, who is a good and leads a simple life in Hyderabad. He gives a helping hand to an aspiring actress and gets into trouble. The problems get bigger and his family will come to know who chandu is in his past. Who is Chandu? And so the flashback begins and same old routine fights and punch dialogues happen.

The film might not work for general audience like me, who cannot stand a punch dialogue every 5 mins but the fans will love this film. Comedy works in parts and couple of songs were good. First half was pretty ok but 2nd half needs some pace. It dragged and the loud dialogues added more pain. There are some really good scenes like the one when Ballaya confronts with Rati Agnihotri but these scenes can be counted.

Performances wise, Ballaya is a powerhouse and he rocked big time. Sonal was pretty and mainly used for glamour quotient. Anjali gives a decent performance and shared good chemistry with Ballaya. Music was prett decent and cinematography was good. The story was quite an old one and nothing to comment on it. Overall, Dictator will please hard core ballaya fans as the movie has its share of mass moments, heavy dialogues, fights, glamour and everything that will satisfy B & C center audiences. Others, give it a miss.

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