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Directed by : Sriwass

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Dictator is an Telugu film, jointly produced by Eros International and Sriwass under Vedhaaswa Creations banner, directed by Sriwass.


“Dictator is one of those movies that you would have watched a thousand times!”

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Nandamuri Balakrishna


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Rated 2.0 / 5

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Certain actors and filmmakers have a penchant for over the top masala routine, and they excel at that. They seem to be totally undeterred by the prospect of fatigue and do not fear overkill, so what if the audience gets to suffer at times J. Nandamuri Balakrishna aka Balayya is one such star who sticks to a formula largely with his films and his fans seem to love it usually. For his 99th film, Dictator he has joined hands with director Sriwass for the first time, Sriwass himself being known for his commercial entertainers like Lakshyam and Loukyam.

Chandu (Balayya) works at a supermarket in Hyderabad and is a do-gooder who lives with his wife's family. He happens to help an aspiring actress Indu (Sonal Chauhan), an act which puts him in trouble, making him react and rise up to the occasion. In the process Chandu's actual identity is revealed and the rest of the film is all about who exactly he is, what was the need for him to lie low and how does he take things forward. The story unfolds in a style characteristic of all Balayya films, filled with fights, more fights and punch dialogues to the core.

There is virtually nothing in the plot that will take you by surprise and it is also clear that age is certainly catching up with Balayya as his looks give it away. The songs and comedy work to an extent, but then the focus is never on them. The film has a huge supporting cast including Rati Agnihotri in a negative role and there is nothing remarkable about their performances. Sonal Chauhan is there to lend the glamour quotient, while Anjali has a good presence in the second half of the film. The film is loud, colourful and has an overdose of violence, everything expected in a Balayya film.

It's a treat for Balayya fans alone, watch it if you want to see how such films still continue to be made and appreciated or else play it safe and stay away from theatres playing this.

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