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3.1 298 Ratings

Directed by : Hari K Chanduri

Release Date : | Length : 103 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.0/5
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Disco and his friends land in Bangkok only to realize that the girl whom he feels for, loves someone else. He now thinks of uniting the lovers but before this, wants to give himself a chance to impress the girl and make her fall in love. But in order to reach Bangkok, Disco had stolen money from the aide of girls father. Whil...more

Disco Credit & Casting

Nikhil Siddharth

Disco Audience Review

An avoidable flick

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Trade pundits have already revealed that Disco opened to packed houses, breaking all records of hero Nikhils past films. Isnt it funny when we see a film as boring and irritating as Disco giving other films run for their money? Unfortunately, thats the truth and thats neither because of the hero nor the director; its solely because of the comedy.

Disco (Nikhil) is an orphan who lives in the company of his friends. He falls in love with Shiny (Sara Sharma) and travels to Bangkok in search of her and apparently Shiny happens to be the daughter of a local Don (Ashish Vidyarthi) and things become more complicated from that instant. Just when Disco seems to have won over the affection of Shiny, the story takes a twist and it is now a question of whether Disco chooses love over friendship. What happens next? What will Disco do to salvage his love? That forms the story.

You may argue that comedy in the film is cheap and slapstick but as long as audience are enjoying, does it really matter. Disco succeeds in pulling off one thing brilliantly; entertaining one and all. Had you entered a theatre wanting to be entertained then this is the film for you. However had you wished to watch a sensible film thatd inspire and touch you emotionally then unfortunately this is not the film you should watch.

Narration is a disaster and so is screenplay and plot. Disco is a spoof on several films of the past that makes the whole experience irksome. Nikhil only attempts to imitate other stars such as Pawan Kalyan and Ravi Teja, and in the process fails miserably. Yet what works for the film is Nikhils senseless acting that actually manages to makes the audience laugh. Ditto goes with the direction, which according to me was overboard and nave but somehow everything works in the favour of the director and the film. Surprisingly, the audience was given full value to every penny they paid and it did wonders for the film.

In essence, Disco is most definitely an avoidable flick but if youre longing to watch a brainless comedy this weekend then this is your film.

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