Drishyam (Telugu)

Drishyam (Telugu)

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Directed by : Sripriya

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Drishyam is the official Telugu remake of the Mohanlal smash hit with the same title in Malayalam which rewrote records in several regional and national circuits. Being directed by Sripriya, the movie stars Venkatesh, Meena. Suresh Productions has bought the remake rights for the Telugu version.


“Drishyam stays extremely loyal to the Malayalam original, but thanks to a befitting performance from Venkatesh, the film has soul. The combination of mystery, thrill and family appealing elements is a delicious combination to savour.”

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Rambabu (Venkatesh) is a typical George Bailey from the truth evoking drama It's a Wonderful Life. He is a do-gooder, respects everybody, and receives the same in equal amount. When his seemingly middle class mindset is affected by an unexpected event, he gets ideas that have been acquired through the movie-watching ritual.

Venkatesh and Meena along with Kritika and Esther are a happy family. Their aspirations are normal for a family bound by budgets. All they want is to have a good meal, some shopping, possibly a movie in a theatre once in a while. A murder (unintentional) which is supposed to put their happiness upside down reveals the nature of humanity. This is where the original screenplay by Jeethu Joseph gets its luck.

Meena gets to do her Malayalam act in Telugu; while she does her job aptly, the pairing of Meena and Venkatesh is quite a deterrent. If Venkatesh chooses his scripts wisely henceforth, he will have a longer innings. Drushyam is the perfect cup for his tea. His muscular frame and a quick thinking pair of eyes are a warning to anybody who gets close to his family whose purpose is to harm. Kritika plays the elder daughter of the couple. Her expressions, especially in the scene where she strikes the perpetrator with a bat, is noteworthy. She will be getting a lot of calls this weekend. She may start her next film this month hopefully. Esther, the younger daughter is not shaky when with senior actors. Ravi Kale as the constable who is determined to bring Venkatesh to his knees is good enough.

For a thriller, music has to push the narrative forward, but Sharreth's work falls in the category of mediocrity. Had he upped his scope, the visuals would have had higher intensity. Some of the locations in the film look like they are made for Telugu film song shoots. The greens, the water, the small alleys - they add to the overall impact.

"Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole." That's right! It's a Wonderful Life may have taught Rambabu a lesson… Rambabu has touched so many lives in his compressed town, when he is in trouble, he is helped by all those lives. "No man is a failure who has friends." Rambabu continues to have a town of friends who love him for what he does.

Drushyam after two successful remakes is one of those rare universal films. An appealing subject, a believable plot, a delightful result.

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