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Drishyam (Telugu)

Drishyam (Telugu)

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Directed by : Sripriya

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Drishyam is the official Telugu remake of the Mohanlal smash hit with the same title in Malayalam which rewrote records in several regional and national circuits. Being directed by Sripriya, the movie stars Venkatesh, Meena. Suresh Productions has bought the remake rights for the Telugu version.


“Drishyam stays extremely loyal to the Malayalam original, but thanks to a befitting performance from Venkatesh, the film has soul. The combination of mystery, thrill and family appealing elements is a delicious combination to savour.”

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Drushyam – Good Script in Bad Hands

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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A good story is the backbone of a movie. Sometimes, though, you wish that a good script was molded better by an ace movie maker for the complete experience. Drushyam, a remake of a now-well-known Malayalam thriller stars Venkatesh and Meena in the lead roles. Directed by Sripriya, the movie leaves you with mixed feelings.

Plot: Rambabu(Venkatesh) is a cable operator and a good Samaritan liked by everyone in his village. He is a good family man, living a contented life with his wife Jyoti (Meena) and two daughters. However, the innocent family faces a terrible challenge after Rambabu's daughter comes back from a 2-day nature camp. The IG's son Varun films Rambabu's daughter while changing clothes in the hostel at the camp and threatens her about making it public if she doesn't indulge his fancy. This leads to an unfortunate incident that puts the whole family in jeopardy. Rambabu then gets involved and tries to cover up the incident and protect his family. His desperate measures and the ability to go to any extent to safeguard his family are portrayed in the rest of the movie.

Themes: The movie shows how an innocent and uneducated film buff is still intelligent enough to plot an intricate strategy to protect his family. It also deals with a moral conflict as to what is right and what is wrong, showing how both the normal citizens and the cops themselves, step over that line many a time for their own purposes. The second half of the movie is quite intriguing, thrilling and well-scripted with twists and turns to keep the audience guessing. It would be unfair to give away any of the twists or the actions taken by Rambabu but it would suffice to say, he thinks like a true criminal, all thanks to watching hundreds of movies, day after day for years, being a cable operator. The movie had all the ingredients of a taut psychological thriller but fails owing to many reasons, execution of the script being one of the primary reasons.

Cast & Crew: Venkatesh should be lauded for picking up this theme. It is not a commercial movie by any stretch of imagination, in spite of the good collections of the Malayalam original. His production house supporting a subject like this, far-removed from the usual Tollywood entertainers, is a step in the right direction. He has been an ace actor for decades and does his job well. Meena making a much anticipated comeback in Tollywood, puts up a decent effort too. The child artists too performed their roles well, given they had more to do than the usual laugh-joke-and-sing routine in family movies. In spite of a good cast and a good script the movie fails in the direction department.

Sripriya has made her name directing TV serials. She has directed couple of Tamil and Kannada films but disappoints in not being able to make that switch from a TV serial to a movie. In spite of being a good cinematographer, Gopal Reddy fails to deliver with the right look needed for a psychological and crime thriller. The movie gets stretched beyond its tolerance level, adversely affected by unnecessary close-ups and bad background music, reminiscent of the present day TV soaps. The lack of the right look and feel takes a lot out of the drama. What could have been a dramatic 2 hours movie becomes a snooze fest at times. The first half hour is somniferous. The movie springs to life only in the second half. The movie at times, also reminds book-lovers of the drama in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, although thankfully, it doesn't extend on that note for more than a while. It is a movie that could have been done better, especially with a reference already available in the form of the Mohanlal starrer.

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