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Directed by : Bellam Ramakrishna Reddy

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  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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Drushyakavyam is an horror thriller Telugu film.


“Drushyakavyam is another boring horror movie!”

Drushyakavyam Credit & Casting

Kashmira Kulkarni

Drushyakavyam Audience Review

String of illogical cheeky and spooky set-pieces!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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No earth shattering twist towards the end.

No jump scares at frequent levels.

No actors to spread a spooky aura all over.

No blood splattering the frames.

No gore fest, but only an eternal bore.

No well conceived scenes to watch out.

No bang before the interval that paves the way for the latter part.

No story, no screenplay and no direction.

A seemingly misnomer for a movie title, Drushya Kavyam encompasses all the aforesaid elements in its more than 2 hour of dragged runtime.

The movie opens with Akhil (Karthik) writing a diary, and his daughter sneaking into it to find something abnormal. Cut to flashback Akhil is seen romancing Abhinaya (Kashmira) in the college. A bunch of comedians and their stale jokes fill the milieu. After tones of boredom, both of them get married and walk into a mansion. Few strange things happen to their daughter and there's a hint to a ghostly presence.

Anvesh (Madhu) is a common friend who is at the receiving end of this ghastly drama. The second half is piled with routine and dull scenes with Prithvi and Ali trying to chuckle you. The rest of the story is about finding who the ghost is and in a carmic twist calling that your feelings to someone never die.

Most of the scenes in the film are half-baked and utterly illogical. Suddenly, in a sad flow of events you see a romantic duet popping out. Few turns in the story are unwarranted and not properly resolved. The comedy is downright cheesy and the horror is more comical to say. The makeup for ghosts is so tacky that even the TV serial ones look better.

Drushya Kavyam translates to visual poetry and nothing is appealing in this film. The string of illogical cheeky and spooky set-pieces doesn't end here, and director Bellam Rama Krishna Reddey saves it for the sequel. Yes, the gore, err, bore fest continues in Drushya Kavyam 2.

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