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Directed by : Deva Katta

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Remake of Arima Nambi, stars Vishnu and Pranitha, directed by Deva Katta.


“Dynamite fails to live up to the original.”

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Vishnu Manchu


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Loud title, yawn movie!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Shivaji (Vishnu Manchu) is a guy who proudly says, 'my dad asked me to sacrifice my life trying to protect a girl'. So, he ends up poking his nose in the wrong place and his life turns upside down. He soons finds himself in the middle of a bigger plan, at whose helm is none bigger than the CM (JD Chakravarthy). Pranitha plays the daughter of the Channel 24 CEO who through some CCTV footage ends up in control of a video that exposes a big politico. The politico ruthlessly wants to destroy anyone who has any evidence in and around that footage. Soon, Shivaji finds himself with a dead, honest cop fighting with a dishonest senior cop and a massive cover-up handled by a goon who runs a sex racket in a shady lodge. However, the data changes hands and involves Shivaji indulging in brainfade moments like pretending to be a bank robber so he could save the goon and find the whereabouts of the girl.

Dynamite is loud right from the start. Even if you want to digest that, Dynamite reeks of shady. The stunts in the first half are so badly choreographed, you wonder who the makers want to cheat with those exaggerated fights. Vishnu Manchu throwing a man so hard, it makes the police van flip back to position is a little too much to digest for anyone. Pranitha, kidnapped in a mini short, seems to be present for the skin show, the oomph and glamour totally out of place especially when a goon chooses to serve his hormonal needs looking at her legs than taking care of a memory card that has been asked by someone really big.

Dynamite is patchy, from start to finish. Random things happen in random ways. Vishnu has massive biceps but we don't need to be shoved with that image every time. In fact, it would be nice if the makers paid more attention to his flexibility in stunts which looks poor than his gigantic tiger tattoo, which along with the ear ring and a half-trimmed beard make him look more like a drug peddler in Goa. People are randomly shot at and chase scenes and fights randomly intersperse with scenes of silly goons trying too hard to look scary. Even the wigs, whether it is of Nagineedu or of JD are not well-set and reek of amateurity, small things that matter a lot. One wonders, if Deva Katta had a complete hand in making a movie as patchy as this!

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