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Emo Gurram Egaravachu

Emo Gurram Egaravachu

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“Emo Gurram Egaravachu has an outdated script that doesn't amuse or entertain. Not a film expected from an award winning director like Chandra Siddhartha. Skip it.”

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This horse crawls, crawls and only crawls!!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Everyone loves a flying horse from the fairy tales. Yes, it's hard to find such creatures on earth, so one can settle for a horse which gallops or runs at a neck-break speed. It may take respite with long steps, but it should ultimately run. Have you ever imagined a horse which crawls, crawls and only crawls. Enough of this 'horse' analogy. The title of the film Emo Gurram Egaravacchu is a misnomer.

It looks promising and gives wings to your fantasy. However, when you witness a crawling horse on screen, the world around you comes to an end. That's what actually happened when I watched this film. The saddening part is that a sensible director like Chandra Siddhartha falls in the rut of obsolescence and makes a buffoonery of his hero character.

The story of EGE is old as mountains and such a format ruled the roost in the 90s. It crosses paths with films such as Mr. Errababu, English Pellam East Godavari Mogudu and many more. Not only that, the naive character of Sumanth also borrows traces from the heroes of the aforesaid films. Sometimes you can see Venkatesh's Chanti in him and most of the times, a dim-witted yokel.

All through the film the heroine Pinky Savika suffers from a disorder called 'missing lip sync' syndrome. She pouts and never oozes an inkling of Teluguness from her role. Such a misfit and such a poor casting call. Even the story doesn't justify the presence of an international actress.

As I said, the horse (read film) gallops at the start with scenes that are laced with comedy. Bullabbai (Sumanth) fails to clear his 10th exams for 14 times and Neelaveni (Pinky) rejects prospective grooms for 15 times. This looks like a sequential number game. After a few minutes, may be 20 or 30, the film shifts gears to a crawling mode.

There is some laughter sprinkled on screen but you can't laugh. There is melodrama seeping into the narrative but you don't want to cry or at least pretend to cry. The second half is the place where the pace slackens and the film hits a low. Nobody likes to see a crawling horse in action (for lack of a better term, I am calling it this way).

Hope I am done with revealing the plot (if any) in the above paragraph. Now I need some plug-ins, connectors or extenders to complete my review; something like I found in the film. Let's talk about the comedians S S Kanchi and Thagubothu Ramesh, who for the first time never looked like comedians. The other members of the supporting cast have limited roles to play.

It seems that Chandra Siddhartha's intention was to etch an out-and-out comic character for Sumanth. He was successful to an extent but an overblown performance and hyperbolic antics from the hero made it look more artificial. It's good to break the mold and explore newer avenues but don't tend to lose your subtleties and sensibilities for which you are known for.

There's nothing much to talk about the technical departments except for the music by M M Keeravani. He tried to elevate few scenes, though they are poorly written and badly executed. He has put in a laudable effort to blend the BGM in the narrative but the film is no match to his standards.

EGE is a family entertainer sans entertainment quotient from director Chandra Siddhartha which is stuck in a time warp. It harks back to a time when such films were accepted and appreciated, but times have changed and so have people.

After the film is over the audience may behave silly. Thanks to the silly-writing.

They may act like buffoons. Thanks to the hero.

They may do whatever they want. Thanks to the heroine.

Wait! Did someone say Sumanth stepped into HER dancing shoes?? Oh, not again. Please spare that song!

My Rating: Expectation - 7/10; Reality - 3/10

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