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Express Raja

Express Raja

3.4 988 Ratings

Directed by : Merlapaka Gandhi

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Express Raja is an 2016 Telugu film produced by UV Creations and directed by Merlapeka Gandhi. The film stars actor Sharwanand with actress Surabhi as his romantic lead.


“Express Raja ends up as a fairly watchable comedy movie.”

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Express comedy without too much thought!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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If the pivotal moment of a movie is the hero kidnapping the heroine's puppy and then setting out to find it, you can be sure there is nothing to take seriously about the movie. However, Sharwanand has an effortless presence in movies and his fans will once again like what they see as he shows that he can pull off straight face comedy just as beautifully as he does serious roles. Surabhi, as the lady he falls head over heels for, adds a little glamour to the story but beyond that, there isn't really much of a point to her presence. In fact, Saptagiri and Seenu take away more frame time trying to make the audience laugh and succeeding as one after another, funny scenes keeping happening with our protagonist in search of the puppy. You have to wait till the end to find out if there is a method to the madness or if the whole movie was just comedy interwoven with each other.

Those who love light-hearted comedies might find this movie to their liking. Those who want a story can take a break from this one as there isn't much to dig beyond what appears on the outside. Sharwa is impressive as usual but the music or editing is not really impressive. M Gandhi has done a good job though for the small budget that seems to have been given to him.

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