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Gabbar Singh

Gabbar Singh

3.8 17,718 Ratings

Directed by : Harish Shankar

Release Date : | Length : 153 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.7/5
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The film is an adaptation of Salman Khans 2010 Bollywood blockbuster Dabangg and revolves around Venkatarathnam Naidu, a corrupt, fearless cop who loves Gabbar Singhs character from Sholay. In fact, hes so obsessed with this character that he decides to call himself with the same name. On being posted to his hometown, Gabbar ...more


“Yet another blockbuster to Pawan Kalyan’s credit! With an impressive starcast, fantastic performances, catchy dialogues and compelling music, Gabbar Singh makes for a perfect weekend option for Telugu movie buffs.”

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Rated 3.5 / 5
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Its been a while since a masala Telugu film really gladdened the hearts. After a series of miserable flops and no shows Pawan Kalyan in and as Gabbar Singh packs enough punches and firecrackers to light up the screen and sizzle the box office across Telugu land easily. The film is an out and out entertainer and even the harshest critics of the Power star cannot deny that this is perhaps one of his highest points in his career.

Gabbar Singh, called so since he loved the character from Sholay, is actually Venkatatrathnam, is a dashing street smart rakish police officer posted in Kondaveedu, his hometown. He fights the local goonda, Sidhappa Naidu while also falling in love with the village belle Bhagyalakshmi (Shruti Hassan).

An adaptation of Salmans Dabangg, Gabbar Singh is not a direct remake of the Hindi blockbuster- a fact that works well for the film, for the characters and treatment is personalized to suit Pawan Kalyans body language and image as well as Telugu tastes. What was a very Telugu-movie-like original Salman caper finally finds its roots in Gabbar Singh.

What remains constant though is the fact that Pawan Kalyan (like Salman in the original) is the heart and soul of the enterprise. His comic timing, his attitude, his punch lines, mannerisms everything is tailor made to suit the role (or was it vice a versa) and Pawan delivers an immensely lovable rogue cop act with lan.

Shurti has nothing much to do in the film, yet manages to look good in whatever little screen time she gets and with this film she might finally break her losing streak at the Telugu box office. Suhasini as Pawans mom is the other beautiful turn in the film, giving depth and gravity to an otherwise ornamental role.

The lead pairs chemistry is palpable, less cause of their screen presence and more cause of the wonderful funny and entertaining sequences they are pitted in. References to Chiranjeevi songs and a brilliant antaakshari make for some other riveting parts of this complete entertainer.

The film loses steam post interval, breaking suddenly into a slump, yet Pawan and his charisma retain the interest and so do the impressive songs. The first half though is the clincher, total paisa vassol entertainer that gets the audiences jumping on their feet.

Pawan Kalyan fans will definitely have a field day with Gabbar Singh, yet those who do not think much of the star would enjoy this movie as much too despite the lackluster climax and slow second half. Watch it in a single screen with maddening fans for company and the fun quotient would just triple up. Totally worth the money.

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