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3.1 257 Ratings

Directed by : Naveen Gandhi

Release Date : | Length : 135 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Galipatam, the first production of the Raccha, Emaindi Ee Vela director Sampath Nandi is a movie directed by Navin Gandhi, a debutant and will star Aadi, Erica Fernandes,Kristina Akheeva and Rahul Ravindran in significant roles.


“Gaalipatam handles the subject of modern relationships very well. With good performances, it's good for a one time watch even though it drags in the second half.”

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Galipatam – A Loose Kite Indeed

Rated 1.5 / 5

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For a clueless audience that walk into the theatre, Galipatam is movie with a rather ambiguous title, colorful young faces and an 'A' rating on the bills. It is only after putting up with a 120 minute uphill climb (movie), that you realize the makers had the same plight as that of a wandering kite when it came to making a film on 'Open Marriages'.

Open marriages are no more a thing of the west. Neither are early divorces and short-lived relationships. Infidelity, premarital sex, live-in relationships, all these are slowly creeping into our securely constructed cultural universe and radically changing the society. As a result, there has been an increasing trend in movies on this topic and it is indeed a challenge to serve this dish to the Telugu taste buds. But it is plain unfair to make it a platter with cheap comedy, cliched characterizations, inaccurate assumptions of foreign accents and inserts of star powered demigod references. Remember those days when mothers used to mix the vegetables you hate in some fancy dish and stuff it in your mouth while you stare at suddenly amusing moon!

Plot and execution: The basic plot goes about like this - Aadi and Erica are Karti and Swati, the ideal couple, the kinds that make good soap operas. They work in their co-brother's company and the co-brother's one narcissist hottie who thinks with organs other than the brain. After a pointlessly fake fight that Karti and Swati have, they both sleep it off remembering their ex-lovers and bam! the next morning they decide to be all practical and just go for an open set up - the same Karti and Swati who before their wedding believed that all relationships must sail towards the ultimatum of a wedlock and that trusting parents into an arranged marriage is the only way to outsmart your hormones. The long flashback gives us more insight on Karti falling for this wanna-be Canadian firang cliche Parineeti played by Kristina and swati rejecting the love of an ideal Rahul Ravindran (poor guy seems to get tossed like this in every movie he does). Karti's love hits a bump when marriage is put on the table for Parineeti…some bla bla happens and that's how we get back to square 1 of the film, where Karthi accepts the alliance of Swati in impulse. The rest is a confusion on whether to have faith in the Indian ways and go on or embrace what the heart says, be practical and get separated.

And then there are portions of husbands cheating on wives, young boys and old ladies indulging in prostitution and drinking grandmothers! All done in poor taste.

Cast, Crew, Band, Baaja, Baarat: Aadi, Erica Fernandes and Kristina Akheeva were some fresh faces with fortunately good looks that made the film a little bearable. But one can't say the same for their acting. Naveen Gandhi's directorial debut report card puts him in a favorable position of directing mass entertainers but then again, that depends on if you'd see that as a compliment in the first place. Sampath Nandi's need for the typical mindless spice was not compromised in this film either. You'll hear Adnan Sami's voice singing some romantic tunes to some unconventional love making scenes - Thank God this wasn't handled like a Jabardasth comedy skit! Oh - spoke too soon, because they had a Jabardasth comedy skit too. The whole band wagon of comedians landed and out came Posani, Sapthagiri, Sivan Narayana, the 100% Love famed chubby kid, Late Telangana Shakuntala (???) and many more (they just forgot to pick up a Brahmi, Ali and MS on the way. Or may be the budgets got diverted to the large number of characters who keep getting introduced all through out).

All in all, the movie failed to cast an impression on whether to favor the unconventional marriage models or not! If you ask me, I'd say go for it - the unconventional marriage model, not the movie! Because that's going to still be better than this. Thank god they didn't have an item song drift along the way.

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