Gang Of Gabbar Singh

Gang Of Gabbar Singh

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“Not worth even a free ticket.”

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One man's revenge against society!

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If the name of the movie tells you about a group of people who were part of a small skit in a big movie, it is already a red flag. Gang of Gabbar Singh, became famous with plenty of comedy roles after they participated in that life-changing antakshari scene in Pawan Kalyan starrer Gabbar Singh. Now, one man has decided to cash in on their fame but just letting himself loose over the industry. Exactly who watches this movie, or who is supposed to watch it something I cannot even fathom. That I am reviving this madness is a joke. Featuring Maanas, and the Gang itself including members like Banti,Anjaneylu, Sai Bau, Praveen, Chitti Babu and Goutham Raju and Ramesh, the movie is a series of skits. It features a song with Shakeela as well, does she need an introduction. The funniest thing about the movie is one man has made it. No, quite literally. The movie has been produced and directed by MS Babu who has also written the story, which doesn't exist, screenplay and has composed the songs too, which are so terrible your ears will start to bleed. Quite literally. I don't know why the cops are not offended by the movie either with most of them flagging their khakis. At one point Shakeela walks into the police station and wears the Cop cap, the same one on whose glory Sai Kumar has given us long monologues. You won't even find trailers of the movie which should give you an indication of the makers' confidence on the movie. All you get to see is the goons getting drunk and singing out of tune and once in the hall more of the same follows. It could easily be the worst movie ever attempted!

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