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Govindudu Andhari Vadele

Govindudu Andhari Vadele

3.5 2,405 Ratings

Directed by : Krishna Vamsi

Release Date : | Length : 160 Minutes

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Govindudu Andhari Vadele is an action-drama movie directed by Krishna Vamsi and stars Ram Charan in the lead role


“Govindudu Andhari Vadale may be melodrama with a wafer-thin and inconsistent story line, but the talented cast and their performances, along with some stunning visuals make it a good family entertainer”

Govindudu Andhari Vadele Credit & Casting

Ram Charan

Govindudu Andhari Vadele Audience Review

Momma, even I want to return to my village and reunite a family. Do I have a flashback?

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Long long ago, in Sitaramayya Gari Manavaralu, when Meena plays a bubbly girl who returns to her dad's village to meet her grandfather for the first time and wins everyone's heart, it felt like a masterpiece, widely and well-received. Then sample this in recent years, where script-writers and directors have suddenly realised this is the way to go for heroes to make home in the hearts of their fans. Apparently, reuniting families by using their charm and wit is the latest fad in town.

In Kalisundam Ra, the grandson returns to his village and family after his dad runs away from home two decades ago. In Rabhasa, the hero comes for his uncle's daughter because that was his mom's wish. In Attarintiki Daaredi, the hero comes for his paternal aunt, to reunite her with her father, his grandfather. In Brindavanam, the hero goes to his gf's bff's village and fixes her family problems(interesting, no?). Now in Govindudu Andhari Vadele, Abhi (Ram Charan) comes back to his village from London, to reunite his father with his family, after his father left home for America to settle with his wife and in-laws(never appeared in the movie anyway). Yawn. Abhi's grandfather Balaraju(Prakash Raj) is a village head who sticks to ethical norms, discarding his second son Bangari(Srikanth) as well because he misbehaves with the girl he loves. Yes, you read it right.

First question. How does the hero get entry into the house? Easy, think. An accident, where he saves a family member, in this case the granddaughter. falling from a makeshift wooden bridge in the house, the kind I have never seen in any village house, ever. Anyways, in the pretext of learning about agriculture, he gets close to his granddad, while fixing one problem after another. Second question. We need a villain. What should he be doing, think. The brother of our ethical village-head, a local politician wanting to bring a beer factory to the village. That was easy, wasn't it? Who will be the heroine, think? A pretty cousin of the hero, who falls for him after realising who he is and why he has come to the village. We are doing good here in this guesswork, no?

Eventually everything has to end well and the hospital the village head wanted has to be started in the village. Who sees to that happening? Any guesses. Of course, the hero. The villains(extended family of the village head, politicians) just disappear after the climax and we are never told how that ends. What is important, like we knew, right from the first minute, is how the reunion happens. Oh the suspense, how cute. Amidst all this, what will probably be missed or written off by most reviewers is the fact that the hero literally sexually harasses the heroine Satya(Kajal Aggarval). In one scene, when she is hiding her modesty behind a towel, he asks her to take it out, saying he'll show photos of her drunken-dancing to granddad, otherwise. He then pinches her navel and says she has to hit the gym. If this is passed off as naughtiness and if we are shown that few minutes later, the well-educated, extremely pretty and extremely sensible heroine falls for the hero, what kind of message does that pass to the romeos of our town? More importantly, I am still trying to figure out the logic behind a hero, who is an all-rounder(dancer, martial arts expert, a sensitive, sensible person, reasonably stylish and educated abroad) performing all that harassment casually like it didn't matter. Even though people with all the documents get pulled by traffic cops twice a day, the hero who has landed in India for the first time, rides a kickass Harley on the highways all the time. This probably is an indication, that in our families there is space for everyone except logic.

All in all, the movie, which thankfully doesn't have forced slapstick comedy, has a pretty look and feel. Krishna Vamsi tries to recreate the Murari charm and manages it only partially. He is given a good hand by the two best actors in the movie, Prakash Raj and Jayasudha, the latter so stunning as grandmother, you can't help but like her. Srikanth does the part of the brash village guy well and Kamalini Mukherjee, has just a few scenes and hardly any meat to her role. Yuvan Shankar Raja probably composed the music when he was busy smashing a mosquito partially bored, but the same shouldn't be said about Sameer Reddy, the cinematographer. He paints the beauty of the village, altering the look from bright to dark, between a good family and a villainous family. You can watch it if you have nothing better to do!

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