Hora Hori

Hora Hori

2.6 230 Ratings

Directed by : Teja

Release Date : | Length : 159 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 1.9/5
  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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Hora Hori is a Telugu film starring debutante artists Daksha and Dileep in the lead roles.


“Hora Hori is another one of those poorly directed love stories.”

Hora Hori Credit & Casting

Daksha Nagarkar


Hora Hori Audience Review

Good location, but bad screenplay!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Once a potential superstart of a director Teja, who faded away for a while has made a comeback with Hora Hori. He picked an against-all-odds love story against the backdrop of Agumbe in Karnataka, a place known for its rains and hence, greenery. The heroine finds herself in the village there where Dileep runs a printing press and later, an internet cafe. Daksha who plays the heroine is in a trauma, hasn't spoken for nearly six months after an obsessed goon (Chaswa) has killed two of her potential bride-grooms. It is a poor man's Okkadu, isn't it but the acting skills needed to pull off a script that is not new to Tollywood are totally missing and the movie meanders almost till interval.

As expected, the villain is connected to a local goon who seeks his help and from there some strange, or maybe not-so-strange twists happen in the story. The love tale between the protagonist and the leading lady are based on a wafer thin pretext of a local typrwriting speed competition which in today's day and age seems out of place. Even if you invest in that, the way it is executed is ultimately funny, with Daksha looking rather silly as the girl who can type fast with a single finger. Someone who hasn't spoken in months suddenly starts responding to a naive guy who requests her to win the competition and solve the problems in his life - a very very vaguely done copy of Chandramukhi? The couple are far-placed from each other with minimal chemistry. The newcomers haven't been able to depict the ethos of the script. The trauma is almost comatose and her dialogues when she mingles back with people, and the way she delivers them are really off-putting.

This is not the director who gave Nitin Jayam, a movie with an incredible pair and an even more incredible villain, Gopichand. This is not the maker who knew how to capture a rural area and the love stories of that place or the maker who once directed Mahesh Babu to one of his more critically acclaimed movies. This movie is just a patchy, scratchy attempt at making something that cannot even be defined clearly. Individual elements of the movie are all borrowed from various stories and put together in an unlikely setting and that makes the story not so relatable.

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