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Jai Sri Ram

Jai Sri Ram

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Directed by : Balaji N Sai

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Jai Sri Ram is an action-drama movie directed by Balaji N Sai and stars Uday Kiran in the lead role

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Uday Kiran


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Jai Sriram

Rated 1.0 / 5
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A few words about Uday Kiran. He started out with a good film, Chitram, addressing issues that were taboo back then, teen pregnancy and all. It was declared a huge hit and the film' director Teja a phenomenon, stardom followed after a second collaboration, with the same team. It was a huge hit too, this time for others along with Uday, the film's music director R.P.Patnaik, and the budding singer Usha and the female lead Anita. All had there what Andy Warhol called "Fifteen minutes of fame". Uday had the good time going with hits like Manasantha Nuvve and Nee Sneham. He was then termed a "Lover boy" the first of many, who followed and thankfully now forgotten, what's Tarun doing, daily soaps, maybe. Women went crazy, even daughters of prominent actors, he was considered the next big thing, Hell, Chiranjeevi wanted his daughter married to him, but that didn't happen, many now consider that, to the beginning of his downfall. Almost all, who worked on his early hit films are now forgotten. For the torture of critics who ruin their festivals by watching films like these, Uday is still working.

Uday plays an angry young cop (Sriram, no prizes for guessing) who just wants to clean his city and rid it of criminals, who make life hell for the normal lot. A ruthless criminal Adhi Narayana is scheming to become the Chief Minister of the state. In comes Reshma, who escapes from her forced marriage, to run away to marry the man of her choice, circumstances make her meet Sriram on the way and the suspense here lies, if the two would end up falling in love and would the honest cop foil the plan of the criminal. Desperate to break away from his image of being a lover boy, which he proved he was better at, now older, being tough or trying, looks extremely awkward, with a bad aftertaste. The whole film leaves you spellbound with its awful amateurish approach.

Watching this film might have some possible side effects, like forgetting the way to your house, questioning the absurdity of existence, and maybe just concluding that Life is an exercise in futility. Well, you know this is just an opinion; it is liable to change for sensitive people.

If, you are religious, you DO NOT, in no way, want to start your New Year, with this film.

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