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Directed by Radha Krishna Kumar, Jil stars Gopichand, Rashi Khanna. Music by Ghibran.


“Style over substance, Jil still warrants a one-time watch.”

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So commercial, our cops and politicians will ask for a share if they find out!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Jil is about the most stylish Tollywood villain ever, so good looking you wonder why the heroine didn't fall in love with him since all she took is one glance to fall in love with the hero. The movie starts with Chota Nayak (Kabir), a notorious Mumbai don escaping from the cops. That villain entry is so ultra-stylish, you will end up liking the actor, a find who is here to stay for a while. The background score given for his scenes is as good as it gets in Telugu movies. Sadly, you cannot say the same about the rest of the movie, which is your average Telugu commercial masala film.

The movie is about fire officer Jai (Gopichand) who is involved in rescue acts only twice - once when he meets the heroine Savitri (Rashi Khanna) who is stuck on the top of a building and again when he tries to rescue a character the villain is looking for. For a long time, the audience gets to deal with the hero's love story, a simple case of love at first sight, that is extended over couple of foreign location songs. The main problem starts when Jai turns an avoidable circumstance into an enmity through sheer arrogance. Chota Nayak is after the whereabouts of his 1000 crores swindled away from him by one of his closest associates. Why Nayak turns his attention to Jai and turns his life upside down, makes for the rest of the movie. To be honest, it is a simple case of 'making a mountain out of a mole hill'.

While Rashi Khanna assisted by the now familiar dubbing voice is cute and endears you, Gopichand does well as the blank faced hero, who doesn't know what to do in romantic scenes but has the confidence to do whatever it takes in action and villain-warning scenes, that he can now perform sleepwalking. The script of the movie is generally non-existent. There are some sequences that debutant director Radha Krishna should be credited for like the way, Chota Nayak starts killing whoever talks to Jai, a briefly chilling moment that is soon squandered away in an exaggerated fight. Ghibran's music is a decent effort, raising to impressive levels while in the background than while in the actual song sequences.

Jil stands out for two things. The ultra-stylish cinematography of Sakthi Saravanan makes every scene stand out in all its impact and beauty. Kabir, the villain is extremely good looking, dressed immaculately with a style statement not seen even in characters who play billionaires in our Telugu movies. His voiceover is menacing and a lovely touch has been added by his salt and pepper beard, aka Gerard Butler's in 300. Jil has couple of funny comedy scenes with Chalapathi Rao and Posani Murali Krishna doing their bits. Actors like Srinivas Avasarala have largely been wasted while the heroine is just an unnecessary hindrance in most situations. It would be nice to see Gopichand look a little more relaxed in romantic scenes as he gives the look of a hero perpertually waiting for a fight, too bored to talk fun stuff with the leading lady. All in all, Jil is a movie you might want to watch if you like killing a few hours in the weekend on your standard Tollywood masala!

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