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Directed by : Kumar Nagendra

Release Date : | Length : 140 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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“Poor screenplay, humorless slapstick comedy and an unengaging pace spell doom for Joru. Avoid it.”

Joru Audience Review

Plenty of commercials with crap in between!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Tollywood is going through a phase where movies are fighting for release slots. In spite of the available resources and talent though, what we are lacking in is the quality of cinema that adorns other movie industries in the country. Joru defines the purposelessness that rides our movie makers, the hollow needlessness laced with commerciality that lets them unleash torture on the cinema-goers.

Joru is about a pampered guy Sandip(Sundeep Kishen), making a bike and fight entry, who saves Anu(Rashi Khanna) from goons when she comes back from US. As the story meanders along amidst pathetic jokes and terrible screenplay, you are revealed a few plot points - the history behind Anu's parents, the truth about the people in her life and their intentions. However, in reality, the movie offers nothing. It only takes what is already there and makes it worse. If a comedian teaching a bear cub Carnatic music is the director and script writer's idea of humour, you can very well understand the problems that will plague the movie. Kumar Nagendra has taken spoof-meets-comedy-meets-melodrama to a new low and for what end? Throughout the movie, there are people running, a la Mahesh Babu. Sundeep Kishen himself seems to be the poor man's super star, with his acting imitating Mahesh and Pawan alternately, while his heroine looks on dumbly without a clue as to what is happening. All she needed to do in this movie was to look happy and sad alternately with a 'what the hell is all this' expression; the same one that the audience will carry by the end of the movie. It is also about time, Brahmanandam takes a break. Movie makers have used him and overused him so much that watching him go through the routines in the movie, like getting slapped, getting trolled and getting tortured while carrying a name like 'Pelli Koduku', feels like chewing on a gum picked out of a dustbin. Yep, disgusting I know. Sayaji Shinde with his usual non-Telugu accent and Ajay, playing negative roles are actors being wasted doing roles that are as unclear as reflections in muddy water. The movie in itself is a terribly muddy version of whatever 'smart-hero-trolls-everyone' movies that we have seen so far. There is nothing smart about the hero's ploy. It feels like a kid playing a video game and imagining he is actually racing.

The OST by Bheems and cinematography in parts, are impressive and act as a saving grace for an insipid script full of pretty girls, including Priya Banerjee and Sushma Raj, who do not know how to act. Mostly, the movie felt like a collection of advertisements a BMW advertisement for 10 minutes, a Celkon ad for 5 minutes and an Airtel ad annoying popping up at different times. Then there is the Annapurna atta ad that is almost cringe worthy. Amidst all this loud product placement and overtly loud jarring non-comical comedy, the story hurtles along like a passenger train with stinking toilets. About the only twist in the movie that offers any strength to the plot is too routine, too over-used, way too manipulated! There are a thousand different ways the movie could have been made a little more interesting but the makers chose to just remake the existing crap. Videos projected from cell phones on walls to blackmail the comedian, bear families (bad mascots at best) coming for revenge, a random Diwali celebration amidst nowhere and over-melodramatic grandparents are few of the atrocities that the screenplay will subject you too.

All in all it is a movie that will make you feel the same way you would, when you are stopped at Jubilee Check Post signal for 30 minutes, mid-noon because a convoy has to pass through. You cannot make sense of it and you cannot escape it. My advice - watch this movie only if you feel the hall is the only place where you can avoid walking on your hands with the terrible sound of stone quarries playing from Beat headphones. You got the drift right?

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