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Kanche is an emotional and intense period drama movie that revolves around the lives of a young soldier named Dhupati Hari Babu, who fought against Germany in World War II. The film throws light on his and his ladylove's lives.


“A brave movie that encompasses war, social inequality and love!”

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Varun Tej


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Good intentions, different intentions!

Rated 3.0 / 5

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During the World War II, India had contributed close to 25 lakh soldiers, soldiers who had no stake in the war thousands of miles away from home, soldiers whose fear was well articulated in the movie by Srinivas Avasarala in a nice, funny role. But Haribabu, a member of the lower caste was fighting his own war along with Nikitin Dheer, tall and handsome and hence future Tollywood villain. Both belong to the same village torn apart by caste distinctions annd both have affected each other's lives through a love story that had no place in the India of 1936. Somewhere in Italy, the two rivals from the same village are fighting a common enemy, Hitler, who pretty much has the same problem as a lot of caste-crazy Indians. That is where Haribabu finally shows that life is worth more.

The movie is gutsy to say the least in its scale and its execution. There are quite a few war scenes and Tollywood will want to look at it as a shining light for more such films in the future, done even more cleanly. The movie has some powerful dialogues against male chauvinism, against caste problems and the opportunists who exploit it. The war scenes could have been done with a little more purpose and intent, a little more direction but I guess it is a start and credit where it is due, because you don't judge someone dyslexic for handwriting, when they have given it their everything, just to count!

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