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Ko Antey Koti

Ko Antey Koti

3.3 452 Ratings

Directed by : Anish Yohan Kuruvilla

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Ko Antey Koti is an action-crime movie directed by Anish Yohan Kuruvilla and stars Sharwanand in the lead role


“Eccentric and uncanny screenplay along with impressive music and technical brilliance makes it a must watch.”

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Ko Antey Koti

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The story starts off stoking the curiosity levels but unravels in a non-linear fashion. The viewer has to keep going back in his/her mind to get the incidents lined chronologically.

Nevertheless a decent movie. A little more effort to smooth out an occasionally patchy script (especially in the second half )could have made it a really good movie.

Young producer Sharwanand needs to be commended for this movie - it did not travel the tired old route of odd songs popping up at odd times and locations, no item girls (!!). The script should also have done away with adult antics or humour - it could then have had a wider appeal. Maybe in his next venture, he will have that conviction.

As the lead too, Sharwanand carries the baton pretty comfortably. He can actually give most current leading men a run for their money. He is also one of the few actors in this industry who carried off the much overused stubbled look. However, a note to Sharwanand - please do not run your hands in your hair so often !

Priya Anand, plays the love interest and pulls off a decent performance. She appears intelligent which cannot be said for some of our leading ladies. She could have done with a stronger character sketch - simply because she could have pulled it off very competently.

Srihari, who has a substantial role, unfortunately loses the 'touch of subtlety' as the movie progresses. What an opportunity he had!

The story is about a major heist from a highly guarded, heavy duty safe. Now this whole heist has no 'Tom Cruise-y' stunts or excitement. In fact, it is comes across as a plan made by goons and executed by goons in their own special clumsy way. So does the heist go awry? Why are there so many people chasing so many other people?

Watch the movie - watch with your wits about you or you will be munching on your French fries wondering what you missed.

Lets hope the next venture of Anish Kuruvilla will have a stronger input in terms of the details in the script because as a team Sharwanand and Director Anish Kuruvilla can certainly come up with the change that Telugu audiences will appreciate

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