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Kotha Janta

Kotha Janta

2.9 887 Ratings

Directed by : Maruthi

Release Date : | Length : 146 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Kotha Janta is a comedy movie directed by Maruthi and stars Allu Sirish in the lead role


“Terrible dialogues and outdated narration make this predictable rom-com a boring film. Skip it.”

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Allu Sirish


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Same story, new faces

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Kotha Janta is the story of two people who have been told to do one thing and one thing only- be obviously "selfish" to explain their characters. I mean, I guess that is how characters are being written these days. The story is of the charcter's selfishness and how this selfishness affects them along their growing relationship. Notice how many times I used the word selfish in the last few lines? I shudder to think how the plot was actually written. Couldnt have been better optimised for search engines.

Sirish and Suvarna are professionals, rivalling each other in the art of selfishness. They share a few random life aspirations like making money, being rich and making more money. This is what drives them from the first minute of their screen time to the last. Then there is a muddle headed romance with gaps of unentertaining drama and a whole universe of emotions and feelings to do justice to the amount of money we spend on watching films. Everyone can become an actor ( me including I guess,I just dont know why we do it ).

So thats the premise of this story and there is a lot of beating around the bush ( its called "racy" storytelling apparently..) Its over before we know it and that, my friends, is hardly surprising. Its a great way to reclaim our routine film watching experiences- we need it now that we are all exhausted after participating in the elections.

Director Maruthi is known for his spectacularly unimpressive narration and humor that makes you itch all over. Another feather for him I guess. Minus the story, the dialogues and the screenplay, everything else was great- the colors, the locations and the way the camera moved. The music was good too, but just not enough to help me remember a little ditty for the way back home.

I guess there is nothing else I can tell you anymore.

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