Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

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Directed by : Krrish

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“Though full of clichéd elements, Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum has emotional depth and a commercially impressive screenplay making it a one-time watch!”

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Rana Daggubati

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Krishna Vande Jagadguru

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The start of the movie has an earthy touch. Credit to the supporting cast in the theatre group showcasing the 'Surabhi' style.

The Story : Rana Daggupbati's character Babu is an engineer from a family of theatre artistes and has plans to leave for the US in search of a better life. However, fate leads him to Bellary for a performance and he gets into a confrontation with some baddies which then snowballs into a full-on fight against the mining mafia.

Rana Daggubati pushes the envelope by donning some actual greasepaint and costumes for the mythological depictions on stage at the start of the movie, as his introduction. Not many of his generation would do that. One says this only because a young Indian actor is usually expected to play safe and conform to the 'dance with babes , bare the chest and then thump the baddies within the first 10 minutes'. (In this movie, that comes much later).

Nayantara plays Devika, the journalist investigating the mining scam. She looks elegant and effortlessly desirable(!) though one wonders what the secret of her 'pristine clean and ironed clothes' and 'ever in place mascara' is (even after a good dunking in the river and pell-mell in the jungle). She fortunately underplays her role enough to carry off the look (including the mascara).

Now just as you are feeling good that the movie is a deviation from the regular formula, INTERMISSION !!! and the regular formula with the fantastical stunts starts. However, whereas most movies will insult the audiences' intelligence with outlandish storylines and incredulous stunts, this one just sticks to the latter. Thank God, because there really is nothing unpleasant about watching Rana D.

To be said once again - the supporting cast pitches in to carry the movie. They are not incidental to the movie.

If the movie could have one song less (the one with the firang-babes - very silly and unnecessary) and slightly more credible stunts it could have added massively to the appeal.

Nevertheless, go for it.