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Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini

Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini

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This movie will see the Prema Katha Chitram pair Sudheer Babu and Nanditha reunite once again.


“You see some soul hanging in there, that's however lost because of stale storytelling.”

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Drowning in Krishna River will be less painful!

Rated 1.0 / 5
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Imagine a filmmaker pining to make a film for 20 years. If he gets a chance should he use the story he wrote back then? That singular question has troubled me through the entire movie, as I watched frame after frame of a story that is so out of place, so melodramatically passe and so much from the 90s, you will almost laugh at it.

R Chandru's directorial venture is a love story that starts in the 8th standard and goes on for eternity. Unlike what Gautam Menon did in YVM, Chandru tortures his audience with cliches so cliched you would wonder if he just woke up from coma from the 90s. A farmer's son, Krishna (Sudheer) has just two passions - studying and loving Radha (Naditha). Unfortunately, fate stops him from expressing his love to her, conspiring to some extent with her step mother. Funnily, Krishna and Radha are thick friends and yet, until the end, he doesn't know, she has a step mom who doesn't want her to have her own love story or get married. Exactly why, we know not.

Meanwhile, Krishna himself, a poor student who gets to go to an Engineering College, thanks to his rank, somehow manages to alternate between the village kid in bright clothes with vermilion on his forehead to a stylish young guy in branded clothing. While he has been enjoying the mysteriously affluent lifestyle, his dad is still herding goats and his mom, like in the 60s movies is making food on a charcoal fireplace in a hut. Ahem. And decades after his school, when he is a "successful" software company manager in US, there is an alumni meet that his friends plan and invite him to. The old lady who would feed him idlis for free when he was a school kid, is still the undilapidated old lady, like it was yesterday. But such flaws in the flow could be forgiven. How would you forgive Radha's characterisation? She is brilliant, no doubt and wants to be a CA and works part-time. Her step-mom doesn't want her to get married, fair enough. Yet, what stops her from being the person she wants to be as melodramatically enough, she claims funding her step-sister's education and marriage, love marriage with a colleague in a software company at that.

Amidst all these unbelievably misplaced pretexts, Krishna and Radha have a love tale that is so dumb and so lacking in articulation, you would believe two opposite walls of a room will have more chemistry between them. Nanditha overplays the over-responsibly but gloomy girl who keeps things to herself. The alumni meet and Krishna's lecture about aims and inspirations and the girl who inspired him are really funny, although the director did mean them to be really serious. Scenes like those might have made sense if the movie was made in the 90s. But this is 2015. Here, farmers with more than an acre of land (we are sure of that based on conversations) don't discourage their kids from studying and are actually decently rich, not like they show in the movie. His going to US and getting a cheque in hand from his manager is the funniest of all, considering anyone from a software company will tell you, you just don't get handed cheques like that.

The ridiculous movie's ending is so dramatic, you will laugh at their tears and cry at their joy. The music and cinematography by Hari and Chandra Sekhar are pretty, with some violin solos helping you with your patience towards the tormenting plotline. Otherwise, it is an ill-advised decision to wiitness this epic love saga torture you one bit at a time!

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