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Directed by : T Venu Gopal

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Kshetram is about the idols of lord Penchalamma Narasimha Swamy. The descendants of Sri Krishnadevaraya are the hereditary trustees of the temple from where the idols are shifted to a nearby hill. The people in the neighboring 45 villages want the idols installed back in the temple as they believe they are facing several hard...more


“This movie has all the elements of a really bad horror film! It is predictable, the acting is awful, and you will most probably feel drowsy while watching it. If thrills is what you're looking for, skip this.”

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Jagapathi Babu

Kshetram Audience Review

Yawn Worthy all the way

Rated 1.0 / 5
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With Kshetram, the makers and Priyamani attempt another Arundhati. Unfortunately, the attempt falls flat on the face and we are saddled with a really really bad movie.

Priyamani, a north Indian whose family speaks Telugu-ized hindi, is in love with Shaam, a Rayalseema rich guy. Both get married, and post marriage, Priyamani begins to get possessed by the ghost of Lakshmi, wife of Jagapathi Babu, who were both killed while they had an important task on hand. Lakshmi is back to finish the task, and chooses to possess Priyamani.

A long flashback (it actually feels like eternity) and an incredibly sad climax after, the mystery is solved and the ghost is warded off, while the audience is left wishing the entire cast and crew gets killed asap.

Comparisons to Arundhati are inevitable, when it is pretty clear the makers wanted to recreate the same magic. The story here is half cooked, the first few portions actually embarrassing. For a ghost story, every twist turn and suspense is predictable, while the climax completely goes beyond any realm of possibility, even for a horror film.

Performances are uniformly bad. Priyamani needs a serious rethink on the choice of her films if she wants to continue being in the business. Even the otherwise dependable Brahmanandam fails to evoke some tickles due to the utterly insipid script.

If you expect a visually thrilling treat like Arunddhati, this is not the film for you. Even otherwise, steer clear of the movie, it just isn't worth anyone's time and energy.

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