Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen

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“Ladies and Gentlemen is a vague idea ending on a high note.”

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Swathi Deekshith

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Misleading Title, Underused Concept

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Wake up on a Friday morning, because you are all excited about a new release. Head the theater and lo and behold, you have very few new options. Then when you find yourself watching Ladies and Gentlemen, you decide it is not such a bad idea to doze off in the hall and catch up on your sleep. True, the movie picks a nice concept, of cyber crime and social networking frauds. True, the script is better than the stories most stars are picking. But then, you tend to feel bad, that the script is let down in many ways by a poor screenplay by director Manjunath.

Ladies and Gentlemen, starting from the title is a set of mismatches. It is the story of how people can take you and your honest feelings for a ride and exploit you. It is also about how fraud is a shortcut and yet, when things are not going your way, be cause for your downfall. However, through most parts the story moves really slowly and the love stories are just cliched. There isn't a feel good factor about the look of the movie and the songs don't do any justice either.

While producer Madhura Sridhar Reddy has experience in making urban movies with newcomers, one wonders if he has relied too much on a whole bunch of newbies. Barring Adivi Sesh and Kamal, most people didn't have the right credentials and couldn't really take the burden of a slow moving screenplay. All in all it is a movie that you will do well, to pass, ladies and gentlemen, because believe me, there are better things to do than doze and yawn in a movie hall!

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