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Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen

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Ladies and Gentlemen is a drama movie directed by Siddique and stars Swathi Deekshith in the lead role


“Ladies and Gentlemen is a vague idea ending on a high note.”

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Swathi Deekshith

Ladies and Gentlemen Audience Review

Interesting concept dulled by bad execution!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Madhura Sridhar Reddy aims to create movies with plenty of newcomers, supporting interesting topics and genres. Here, he gives an opportunity to one of his assistant directors, Manjunath, who has a decent concept at hand. However, the story which in the hands of a skilled director could have become a really watchable one, becomes a below average fare in this case. Featuring one of the hottest upcoming actors, Adivi Sesh(the key side role in Run Raja Run) and Kamal Kamaraju(Godavari fame), the movie comes with the theme that social networking is not really as harmless as it seems.

The movie features multiple love stories. There is an ultra-rich married woman attracted to her ex-boyfriend, a college going student, who befriends a girl online and a fraudster who lavishly spends on his wannabe-heroine girl friend. The first and second stories are interwoven around why we cannot trust strangers, even if they seem lovable, or even long lost friends, who suddenly come back, too good to be true. It is a cynical or dark take on everything mushy.

Where the movie fails in the execution of the concept. Most scenarios are cliched, whether is the puppy love surrounded by the usual friends, the married couple problems or the issues of a man living a fraudulent life. While the movie's ending is a plus, it really tests your patience all along. Not backed by good cinematography or music, the movie falls flat at most times. As usual, Kamal and Adivi Sesh put in decent performances. Adivi Sesh in particular looks the part and his charm will take him places, as long as he can pick better scripts. While the character of one of the leading ladies, (Swathi) has been an interesting one too, overall the movie comes across as bland, obviously because of the lack of ideas in creating a good screenplay to embellish the story.

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